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How are you doing on checklist?

We got engaged 7 weeks ago, but haven't set a date (I'm adopting a baby soon, still waiting for a placement, then have to finalize adoption.) We'd previously talked hypothetically about an early May wedding, but with him moving in and the baby coming, we may push it back. So, I'm not sure about the exact date, but I'm watching the checklist timeline get longer and longer and I haven't done anything on the list so far! LOL  Well, I did get an insurance estimate from the jewelry shop where he got the ring, so I can submit that to my insurance to get a rider for my ring. But that's it...how are you doing on your checklist?
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Re: How are you doing on checklist?

  • Like the checklist on TK? I havent marked a thing off, I still have a few years till the wedding but I barely even look at TK checklist. Im sure if i did there would probably be a lot of things I could have checked off.

    But dont worry, you still have plenty of time. I know people who have gone from getting engaged to being married in 3 months time. It was a lot of work, but they did it.
  • A lot of the "earlier" stuff on the checklist, it looks, are things TK is asking you to "envision" if you're talking about their checklist-- you have probably been envisioning aspects of this for a good part of your life-- like, when you've attended a past wedding you may have thought "at *my* wedding..." so if it will make you feel better, check off some of those "envisioning" things! 

    i think one of the good things about this website is learning that there's no one way to do things right, but there are some things that should probably be done sooner rather than later. if you're willing to push the date back, then i, personally, wouldn't worry about a thing. 

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  • I havent done a thing.... lol 
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  • In Response to Re:How are you doing on checklist?:
    [QUOTE]I have 21 items out of 177 completed, and we're planning on an October 2013 wedding [engaged March of this year]. Still haven't confirmed a venue yet, and everything further down the checklist depends on the venue [save the dates, caterer, invitations etc]. Basically we have the insurance rider for my rings, my dress, the engagement photos, and the wedding colors. Planning may give me a small panic attack at some point. ;] Congratulations on your engagement!
    Posted by coopergirl15[/QUOTE]
    Wow - you got your dress already!?! That's great. I've put on quite a few lbs and am trying to lose some before I start trying on dresses - also before I get engagement photos, lol!
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  • It is a domestic adoption and I've been on the list almost 3 years - whew! So we have a LOT going on. Also, fiance wants to buy a house that's ours next year - we are currently living in my house. I wish he'd think about delaying until after we are married, but he doesn't want to...so we are SO busy.
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  • I've been engaged for a month & I think I have 9 checked off and they were the easy ones, like getting insurance on the ring. Our wedding isnt until 2014 so we have time, but I like to do somethings here and there.
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