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Is it Bad Luck to Get Married in 2013?

I haven't been proposed to yet... but I have a feeling the day is going to happen soon! I want to wait at least a year before we get married but am thinking of a 2013 wedding, just to be able to save up more money. Does anyone consider it bad luck to get married when '13' is involved or am I just being crazy!?!

Re: Is it Bad Luck to Get Married in 2013?

  • I am gettin Married on 7/13/13....and we got engaged on the 13 of march! If people day something about it, we are telling them we make our own luck by marrying each other!
  • I was feeling the same thing so I don't think you're crazy! lol
  • <span style="color:#ff6600;">That was a perfect answer!</span>

    <span style="color:#ff00ff;">I came across your comment as I was searching for others like me who are ready to tie the knot, but refuse to do it in '13. I feel pretty silly not thinking about how big of a deal (</span><u style="color:#ff00ff;">that's an understatement</u>) I have made about not getting married in '13... I just had to comment and say Thank You for all of us Bride's who are skeptical in having the "un-lucky" doomsday feel of the number 13 as their wedding year.

    For all of the ppl that read this just think...I have a man/woman I adore and who wants to marry me & family who is excited for us so am I really gong to put my world on hold for an entire year because of a number?! God Bless Get Married and Be Happy!

    I just saw a couple on TV today that had been married for 75yrs! Who cares that they got married in '37? It's the marriage I want not the date. There will be so many more year based milestones that will matter more like the years our children are born and the year we went to Paris etc.

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    [QUOTE]Really?  I imagine that there will be a gazillion people getting married in 2013.  I imagine that there will be a gazillion people getting engaged in 2013.  I imagine that there will be a gazillion babies conceived and born in 2013. I imagine that there will be gazillion people graduating from HS and college and grad school and starting new jobs in 2013.  I imagine that there will be gazillions of people going on first dates and hoping to perhaps find "the one" in 2013. I imagine that people will launch new businesses, and make investments, and purchase new homes, and new cars, and new technology in 2013. I imagine that none of the above will let a silly superstition keep them sitting terrified in a dark room for an entire year.
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  • Once again perfect answer!<span style="color:#ff00ff;"> Last comment because I claim not to be super</span>stitious<span style="color:#ff00ff;"> and I have been saying through all of my protesting getting married in '13 that it's not about superstitions it's because of the feeling of the number </span>wtf<span style="color:#ff00ff;"> is that besides superstition </span>lmao<span style="color:#ff00ff;">...It's good to laugh at yourself from time to time</span>

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    [QUOTE]Jordyana:  your posts reminds me of one of my favorite lines from "The Office":  "I'm not superstitious.....well, okay, I'm a little stitious."  :)
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