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Cleaning your engagement ring??

My fiance and I went to our jeweler the other day to clean my ring, he mentioned that leaving it in acetone (even over night) can clean the ring so it doesn't look cloudy. Especially if your washing your hands or putting lotion on. Has anyone ever heard of this? It doesn't seem right to me? Any other ring cleaning suggestions?

Re: Cleaning your engagement ring??

  • I bought a really cheap ultrasonic jewelry cleaner off Amazon for about $15.  It's nice because I can throw all my jewelry (and FI's glasses) in at once.  I fill it with Windex and hot water.

    You definitely don't need one of those, though.  Before I had it I would soak it in Windex every few days while I was in the shower and brush it with a soft toothbrush afterwards.  Windex works really well!
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  • You can also get jewellery cleaner from your jeweller. I use that every couple days and take my ring to get professionally cleaned once a month or so.
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  • My H just cleaned mine for me the other day with an old toothbrush and some warm water and soap.  It looks great. 
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    I use store bought cleaner on mine. Here's an article about cleaning your ring.

  • My jeweler told me to just clean it with a toothbrush and some WD-40. Which I totally believe, since WD-40 works on anything!
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  • My jeweler does steaming whenever I want so I have it professionally cleaned regularly.  I would stay away from acetone, though.  Is your ring rhodium plated?
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  • The Jewler that my family uses says you can clean your ring with toothpaste and a toothe brush, then rinse it with HOT water and use the tooth brush to clean the rest of the toothpaste off.

    it seems to work well.
  • My ring is from Blue Nile and I just bought their cleaner. It works really well- kinda messy though. I bought it because it said it was safe on diamonds and platinum, but I am sure any cleaner that is made up of the same stuff that's in theirs would work fine. You can probably easily google what is best for your metal and stone.
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  • I use soapy water & then occasionally Windex. Windex makes it really sparkle.

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  • Yes it is rhodium plated, which I know he mentioned. Maybe that's why he suggested the acetone?
  • i use the jewlery cleaner that came with my ring. it has a little brush to get in the nooks and crannies. i then shake twirl it back and forth in a cup of warm water. i use so much hand lotion that little pieces of lotion will come up while doing that. its strange bc i dont notice how dull the ring can get in 2 weeks until i clean it and see the difference. any jewelry store will carry good quality cleaner.
  • My jeweler said the same thing as previously posted...windex, warm water, and a toothbrush. 
  • my jeweler, who also specializes in antiique and estate jewels, says windex, Windex, WINDEX! :)
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  • I soak mine in hydrogen peroxide (you wouldn't beleive the stuff that comes out) and then rinse in white vinegar or distilled water (the water here is really hard)
  • I clean my diamond solitaire with dishwashing liquid, hot water and a toothbrush. I wouldn't really use harsh chemicals if you're unsure if it would harm your ring-soap and water never hurt though!
  • Believe it or not I found some cd, glasses, and jewelry cleaner at my mall at one of those little stands in the middle. I have had the stuff for over a year now and not had much use of it, but when I got my ring I wanted to show it off in all its beauty! It worked great and my ring sparkles better than ever! 

    Personally it scares me to clean my jewelry with harsh chemicals and stuff that is not meant for jewelry. I am too concerned about my ring getting scratched or dull. If I was you I would go out and find some good jewelry cleaner. It doesn't have to be expensive stuff. Just as long as it is made for jewelry. 

    Apparently the windex works because everyone on here has used it! I am just not that brave!
  • I put mine in a glass with baking soda and white vinegar.  Works really well.  
  • My jeweler suggested woolite and hot water.  I soak it for about 20 min and then use a soft toothbrush to clean it.  Rinse with hot water and sparkle away!
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  • Soaking it in very hot water gets rid of the hand lotion and oil on mine. 
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