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I am knew to theknot, but I figured I would share our engagement story with everyone. 

Jeff and I have been dating since early college, it had been about five years.  Neither of us are very into significant dates/anniversaries, etc.  So, when people would ask us how long we had been together, we would always say, "four years, five years, we don't know".  We currently live together in NYC, and are both working non-stop.

I always asked Jeff when he was going to marry me, and he always said, "in ten years."  I was fine with this, because our relationship was the most solid thing in my life, and I was truly, in no rush to get married. 

Little did I know, Jeff had been out and about on the hunt for the perfect diamond.  I knew nothing about this, nor that he was customizing a setting to be as ellegant as his mother's, but as "loud" as me. 

My older sister had recently got engaged, so Jeff had asked Michael how he went about the whole process.  Michael had both families involved and it was a pretty signifcant event last year on Martha's Vineyard.  Jeff had decided that he did not want anyone there but the two of us.

This past Friday, we went out to dinner, at our favorite restaurant, an upscale flat bread/pizza place in NYC, where he did not get on one knee (it's so not us) and stated, "to date, my favorite moments have been with you, we have turned NYC into our home, and it is now my favorite city with you, I don't ever want to have favorite moments without you, so, will you marry me?"

Of course I said yes!  I have a three carat round brilliant with a hand engraved shank and it is stamped Jabel in the inside.  Platinum, with four small diamonds on each side.  The cool part about the ring is that I later found out that when his mother got engaged, 25 years ago, she has a ring by the same manufacturer called Jabel.  When he found out that they were still in business, he worked with a retailer in NYC to make sure that my ring was Jabel as well! 

I have always read these blogs along the years, and never thought I would actually post to them.  I loved our casual engagement and am looking for suggestions for a casual wedding! 

Thanks for reading!


Re: Just Us!

  • What an awesome story!!!  It was so nice of your FI to go through all that to make sure you had the perfect ring (would love to see pics btw)  Congrats, welcome to TK and happy planning!
  • Congratulations!! And what a cute story!
  • That's amazing - I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations :)
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  • What a great story! I am so happy for the both of you!
    Wishing you much happiness now and in the years to come.

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