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Myrtle Beach proposal :) Literally on the beach!

My fiance(boyfriend at the time) took me on vacation with his mom and dad and 2 sisters and their families. We were awaiting the arrival of his Aunt to come down from Michigan so he suggested him and I just go out for breakfast and a little shopping :) Sounded good to me because I love to shop. A little while later his family kept calling him asking when we would be back to finally greet his Aunt. I thought it was kindof weird how they really wanted us back there but I didn't question it. So we get back to the condo and meet with his family. My fiance then asks me if I would like to go for a walk on the beach which isn't out of the ordinary because every year we have gone there we take a walk on the beach :) So his family stays behind and we take our walk. As we are walking along the beach I see him glance back towards the condo. I wondered what he was looking at but didn't ask. So we walked maybe half mile down the beach when he points to where the water splashes up to our feets and says look at the pretty shell. So I look down and he starts to get on his knee!!!!! By the way there was no pretty shell lol. So he starts to pull the ring out of his pocket and says now I know I said I was going to wait but I dont want to anymore. And he said will you marry me?!! I said Are you serious?!! He laughed and said YES and then I said YES!!! It was soo amazing!! People were clapping and cheering all around us and taking pictures. I'm sorry now that I didn't get their email addresses so they could have sent the pics to me!! So anyways, we started to walk back to the condo and I told my fiance Mike that I couldn't wait to call my parents and tell them the great news!! He said well can we tell my parents first? I said of course!! So we arrive at the room and Mike knocks on the door. It takes about a minute before the door is opened and who happened to be standing behind it?!! My MOM!!!! Her and my dad came all the way to Myrtle Beach to surprise me!!!! My mom kept it a secret from me for over 2 weeks!!!! I couldn't believe it! Everyone in the room started crying and hugging eachother :) Then Mike's mom threw us a little engagment party and had nice sandwichs, snacks and champahne!! There were gifts too!!! It was seriously the best day of my life!!!! That was back on April 23, 2010 and we are finally going to be married on August 20th 2011!!! The time has gone by way tooo fast but I have been enjoying every minute of it!!!! Oh and by the way the reason why Mike looked back while we were walking on the beach was because his family were all standing outside on the balcony watching us!! lol
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