Just Engaged and Proposals

Did anyone get UNofficially engaged?

My 'fiance' I guess, has not officially proposed. We just started talking about when would be a good time to get married, and we decided we should just go for it and do it in a couple months. 
   Now I kind of feel weird because I don't have a great engagement story and he hasn't really even asked. We just decided... And now I'm making plans and scheduling cake tastings, but are we officially engaged?
    He doesn't make much money at his job and he has been supporting me, so I know he hasn't been able to save up for a ring. We're planning on getting rings in the next month or so I guess, and I'm *assuming* he'll get down on one knee and ask when that happens.
    Am I the only one that doesn't have an amazing and proper engagement story? Is this weird?
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