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How to tell our families? No ring...

My boyfriend and I decided to get married. I told him I don't want a ring because I don't wear jewelry. Big rings really get in the way at work (nurse) with gloves and frequent handwashing. I just don't care that much about one so to me it's not worth the money.

So today ge asked my parents for their blessing/permission etc. They were excited, but they think it's a surprise for me... But it's not like there is a proposal or anything.

How do I tell my parents were engaged?

Re: How to tell our families? No ring...

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    Just tell them. If you are old enough to get married, you should be able to have an adult conversation with them of your plans. A ring isn't required to get married.
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    i would address them as a couple, and just come out and say that you're so excited to be engaged and happy to have their support!
    i don't htink they'll be put off, they probably just got the wrong idea like you said.


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    Just tell them.  

    Are you planning on wearing a wedding band?  I'm in nursing too and I only wear my band to work.
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    just tell them!! it shouldnt be a big deal. a ring is a symbol nothing more! not necessary! CONGRATS! Smile
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    I agree you need to just come out and tell them. Congratulations!
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    let them think it was a surprize....if they gave your FI the blessing to ask you they are robably more  excited to hear the news....just gather them all together and tell them you have some new to share with them........
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    [QUOTE]Just tell them.   Are you planning on wearing a wedding band?  I'm in nursing too and I only wear my band to work.
    Posted by jagore08[/QUOTE]

    This.  A simple band will not get in the way at all.  I'm in dietetics so I have the same problem as PP -- frequent handwashing, gloves, etc so I'll just be wearing my band to work.  If you don't usually wear jewelry it ma taking a few weeks to get used to, but after awhile you will get to where you feel weird when you accidentally forget it in the morning.  You certainly don't need a ring to be engaged, though -- just tell your parents.
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    Congrats on the engagement! I don't think you need a ring to tell them especially if you don't want one!
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    "Hey Mom, Dad...  I know you talked to (insert your FI's name here) the other day about our future plans, and I just wanted to let you know that we've made things official and are moving forward with wedding planning".
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