Just Engaged and Proposals

Adorable proposal!!

A couple things first: 1) I have a thing for puzzles (I'm determined to have a "game room" in my dream home that's decorated with puzzles that I've put together, glued, and framed. Weird, I know, but it appeals to me). 2) We (well, me mostly, but FI enjoys it- or at least pretends to) love Disney. I blame the 'rents.

So, here's how it went: FI cooked dinner after coming home from work. Not an altogether unusual occurance- we're long distance at the moment, and it's something we enjoy doing together, so when we DO get to see each other, we try to make it happen. He made steaks, we had salad, and a really awesome cabernet. I had brought Beauty and the Beast with me (Disney had just re-released it), so that was what we popped into the player while we ate. Part way through, he tells me he has this puzzle he wants me to put together and rushes upstairs to get it. Again, not really an unusual thing. But he comes down with this unmarked box, and about 8 pieces in, I realize it's a picture of us. And there's words on it. About this point, I start shaking and it gets hard to breathe. I put it together in pretty much record time, but there's words missing, and he says, "Oh, they must have fallen out of the box" (uh-huh, sure), and runs upstairs to get them. So he finally comes back down and I put in the last 5 pieces, which are, of course, my name and "Will you marry me?" and he's down on one knee, and I'm crying and- here's the kicker- the scene where Belle and the Beast are dancing comes on like, right at that very moment, with Mrs. Potts singing "Beauty and the Beast." It was amazing. And corny. But I cried, haha, I loved it. And here we are :)

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." ~Robert Frost Wedding Countdown Ticker
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