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  • My fianc is my optometrist. We met at his office. I went in for my yearly appointment this year and he did my exam as usual. At the end of my exam, he told me to close my eyes, that it was going to get very blurry. After a moment or two, told me to open them, and when I did, I saw him on his knee with a beautiful custom designed ring and on the wall, an eye chart that said WILL YOU MARRY ME? I said, "You know I will!" He caught the whole thing via a hidden camera he had set up in his office. When we left the exam room, his staff was jumping up and down, and our parents appeared out of nowhere to celebrate with us. :
  • My boyfriend of almost five years proposed the day before my college graduation on our way to celebrate at dinner. He proposed in the car and caught me way off guard, that was his plan! ;

  • My boyfriend Casey, had kept talking about taking a road-trip to Castle Rock out in Western Kansas. So, on December 21st (supposedly the last day of the world), we finally took a road-trip out there.
    We had talked about marriage a lot before then & had even decided when we wanted to get married, so I knew the proposal wasn't far off. ;) We got out to Castle Rock about an hour before it got dark, so we got to watch the sun go down & watch the beautiful sunset. Thankfully Casey is very understanding & knows how much I LOVE still photography, so we had taken road-trips like this in the past, just to explore & so I could take pictures. We were about ready to leave, when he told me I should get more shots of the big boulder we were standing on. I turned to snap a couple pictures, when I heard him making a noise. I turned around & he was taking my ring out of a box. :D He told me he has loved spending so much time with me & going on road-trips together & wanted to continue to do so for the rest of our lives. He got down on one knee & asked if I would marry him. Of course, I said YES!!!! :D

  • <div>My boyfriend (of 6 YEARS- let me just add that!) had the flu over the holidays. On Christmas Day his fever got so high that I put him in a luke warm shower to cool him down. I sat on the other side of the shower and took care of him. When he got out of the shower he was too weak to walk so I helped him crawl (literally!) to the bedroom. I put him back into bed and went to get him some water and crackers. When I walked back into the bedroom he was down on one knee on the floor! He said that he had never been more in love with me than when I was sitting on the other side of the shower and he wanted me to be there with him and to help take care of each other for the rest of our lives. It was the sweetest thing because I knew how hard it was for him to just get out of bed at that point. I said yes, of course, and then after pretty much tackling him, I helped him back into bed to get some rest. I then spent the rest of the holiday season in bed also since I got the flu after that night!</div><div>
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    [QUOTE]Happy New Year, Knotties! Did any of you get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations to all you brides-to-be! To celebrate (and kick off your wedding planning) we are giving away our newest publication: The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings (as well as two editions of our magazine) to 5 lucky winners. All you need to do is respond to this post and share with us how you got engaged this holiday season! You have until tomorrow (1/4/13) by 11:59 EST to submit! We're looking forward to reading all your stories! -Knot Jennifer For official Just Engaged 2013 Sweepstakes rules, see this link: <a href="http://www.xoedge.com/rules/2013/just-engaged-2013-sweepstakes-official-rules.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://www.xoedge.com/rules/2013/just-engaged-2013-sweepstakes-official-rules.pdf</a>
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  • My Fiance and I have a very unique bond that I cherish so very much and its how I knew he was the one for me. We met in college over 4 years ago through mutual friends and became close, supporting each other through school, career changes, loss of loved ones and horrid relationships. It wasn't until 2 years later that we started having real feelings for each other, starting a long distance relationship since I was dancing with a ballet company and he was working in new york. He was my rock through both my grandparent`s deaths, my mom`s cancer scare and the aftermath of a previous extremely abusive relationship. The first time I saw him again after a year and a half I drove 23 hours to New York and got out of the car in the pouring rain, in the middle of the night, into his arms and a big kiss; it was just like a movie :) Needless to say I found a job in New York and moved so we could be together. Through job changes, transfers, financial stress, my going back to school, we stood behind each other. We`ve been together 2 and a half years and living together a year and a half, but Ive known he was the one since I moved back to New York. We made a big step together and packed up and moved to Texas in a month`s notice for his job, knowing no one and having to explore everything on our own, also incurring a month of separation because of the move and my finding a job. This man has the biggest heart and gives all of himself, always making me feel safe and loved. Our move has been great and in the inter um, we had started talking about getting engaged; little did I know it was heavy on his mind. I planned a surprise trip to New York for Christmas, surprising all of our friends and family since we had been having a hard time with missing them so much. We stayed a night n the city on 12/21 and I was under the weather, so we stayed in most of the day and relaxed and went out with all our old friends that night. Little did I know he was trying to take me to Bryant Park all day, where we had our first date. So we leave the bar at 12:30 and I think were going to the hotel but we end up at Rockefeller Center, a place I looked forward to seeing every year at Christmas since I was a little girl. He starts saying all these sweet things and was so disappointed the tree was out but then this guy taps him on the shoulder. Hes a magician and wanted to show us some tricks. He makes a heart balloon for me and a puppy inside, which is fitting since we have 2 puppies at home.Meanwhile I'm freezing and it started flurrying. Then he pulls out an imaginary deck of cards for my fiance to pick one. He picks the ace of diamonds (hint hint). Then the magician takes out a real deck and says my fiances card would be upside down in the deck; he pulls it out and there is his card :) My fiance smiled and said "that's a nice diamond but this one`s better" and got down on one knee. It was magical and the magician had no clue at all! He started taking pictures, we`re hoping to get them from him to have such a special memory forever. My fiance could not have picked a more perfect time or place to ask me the most important question of our lives.I cant wait to marry him in 2015 at the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World :)

  • Christmas morning my fiance help my Christmas gift to be the last to be opened.  At the end of a beautiful Hallmark card he wrote: "P.S. Now let's go get your real gift!"  A little confused about where on earth we could go to get a gift on Christmas I was told to put on my shoes and grab my coat. He drove me to the top of the hill overlooking Lake Don Pedro (where we go to watch the Fireworks for 4th of July). 

    There he told me how much he loves me and that there isn't anything in the world he would do for me. He then pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me if I'd marry him.  Of course, I said YES!!!!

  • My fiancé and I been together for 10years Dec 17th was out 10 year anniversary he took me to the city to spend the weekend there. We stayed at a hotel in times square that mon morning he took me shopping we went to lunch and walked around some that Monday night around 8:30-9pm we went to dinner at Carmine's after dinner we go back to the hotel to the room on the mirror in the living room hotel it says happy 10 yr anniversary I love you will you marry me I screamed YES!!
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    My fiance moved to North Dakota about 8 months ago to work while I stayed home to finish up my masters. In that amount of time we have only been able to see each other twice which was hard on both of us.  We had been looking at engagement rings for a few months but because of having to travel home; and some other bills he had been telling me that he wouldn't be able to save up enough money to buy the kind of ring I deserved.  I told him one from the cracker jack box would be just fine.  

    He surprised me by coming home five days early and met me at my parents.  Before I arrived he had asked my parents for permission to marry me.  About a week after he arrived we went over to his parents house for family dinner. He was walking around and wouldn't relax.  He asked if I would like to come outside and play fetch with the dogs.  Reluctantly i went outside because it was a cold night and I was chilly.  We went outside and he threw the ball twice for our dogs and said it sounded like their was a rock in it.  Our dogs brought it back and  he then said I should throw it.  So our dog, Stetson brought me the ball.  I took it from him and shook it and couldn't understand why there was something in the ball and then I looked at it.  And looked at it again, on the tennis ball there was written will you marry me?? His whole family was outside and he had asked them to video tape it and take pictures.  I was looking at the ball and he asked me to give it to him so he could open it up.  He dropped down on one knee and reached into the ball pulling out a ring and said "So, will you marry me?" I said yes!

  • My fiance and I got engaged on Christmas. We have been dating for 7, going on 8 years. Every Christmas morning we open presents with his family (Mom, Dad and sister) When he proposed my ring was wrapped in a decorative box underneath the Christmas tree. It was the last present that I got to open. Inside of the box was a Day's Jewelers Chamilia bead box. As I was opening the bead box he was getting down on his knee. The bead was the engagement bead (a wedding ring inside of a engagement ring). He said "I know that's not the ring that you wanted" and as I took the bead out of the box my engagement ring was underneath the packaging. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes Smile
  • My Fiance took me to an ocean front resort in Tofino BC.  Right at midnight on New Years eve, bundled up in blankets and watching the fireworks form our balcony, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  Our mini Golden Doodle even had a tux on for the occasion!  Perfection.


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    My now fiancee (Tom) and I live just outside of Seattle, WA. My family lives around the country with my parents located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We traveled home to PA for Christmas and so did my brother and sister. It's the only time every year where our whole family gets together.

    On Christmas morning, we opened presents around the tree. Tom and I had done our own presents back in WA because we saw no sense in dragging all of our gifts across the country and back. When our family was done, Tom said he had one more present and for me to close my eyes. In front of my parents, brother, and sister, he got down on one knee and told me to open my eyes. He gave me an amazing speech, and of course when he asked I said yes! My favorite part of the story is that I was sporting my new leopard print footie pajames for the proposal, and there is video evidence. I love him so much. He knew it was important for me that my family be involved and it was the perfect way for him to propose!

  • On Christmas night, my boyfriend, now fianc of 4 years took me ice skating in Rockefeller Center under all the lights and the Christmas tree. Little did I know he had a plan.... At 10:00pm it was time to clear the ice so the next group can come on, we'll he decided he wanted to skate around one more time and then take a picture with no one around. One of the guys working there had asked for his phone to take a picture. As the last person stepped off, our song Halo by Beyonce began to play over the loud speaker. He pulled me to the center of the rink and reached into his jacket. My knees buckled as I realized what he was doing! He got down on one knee in front of almost 2000 people and asked me to marry him!! Everyone started yelling and screaming for us, it was Amazing! He had some of our friends up top taking video and pictures! Best night of our lives!! Everything feels like its falling into place! We met online almost 6 years ago. Him in NYC and I in Cali. Talked for two before we actually met in person at Disneyland in California. After that we knew we wanted to be together all the time. After some trips back and forth, we decided that 3000 miles was just to far and at the end of that year, 2009 I quit my job and left everything I had ever known, all my family and friends to move to NYC to give love a chance. Through the ups and downs, approvals and disapprovals it still has been the best decision I have ever made. Now that we start the new year as an engaged couple looking towards the future and planning our wedding, everything that has ever happened has only helped us get to where we are today and we wouldn't change a thing!
  • Isaac picked me up at 10am on New Year's Day. Once we got into the car, he handed me a small square of paper with a QR code on it. I scanned it to find my first clue: "We first kissed here."
    An hour later, we were up in the canyons at the very spot where we shared our last first kiss. 
    Our adventure was just beginning. He then took me on a hike we'd gone on one night, when we lay at the saddle and stared at the sea of stars in the sky. I could put each one back in its place if I had to, just from memory.
    He took me to places that have very significant meanings to us and we spent the day laughing and remembering all of the good times we've had in these three years we've known each other. From the night we met, we've shared fabulous adventures. We even called ourselves "Adventure Buddies for Life!"
    Toward sunset, Isaac took me to a park where we had laid in the grass in May of 2011. I had sung songs while picking flowers and it is at this moment, he swears, that he fell in love with me. I knew the question was coming soon.
    We got back in the car and I was already crying when he handed me the final QR code: "We met. We first became aware of each other. I realized I had another half. You." I laughed through the tears of joy and shouted out the place where we met: our home church!
    On a low wall at our home church, Isaac and I met in November of 2009. I was sitting down, talking to a group of friends, when he approached. He joined our conversation and as the night faded, he and I were the only ones talking. We haven't stopped. 
    On January 1, 2013, Isaac led me to that very low wall at our home church where we met. He sat me down and thanked me for joining him on the day's adventure. And this adventure of life, he added. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. 
    I am so proud and overwhelmed with joy that I get to marry, let alone know, this man I call my best friend, my soul mate, and my future husband. I am so blessed. 
  • my fiance and I already have two children together and we were finishing up wrapping Christmas gifts Christmas Eve. I was sitting next to our lit up Christmas tree when my fiance told me he had a gift he wanted to give me. He came back with a beautiful card. While reading my card he knelt down on one knee and held my hand. He continued to tell me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he did it! He reached into his pocket and he had the most perfect ring and asked me to marry him :) I said YES!
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    I planned an amazing dinner for my boyfriends 29th birthday at a steakhouse and the entire time he was anxious for another reason. background  My fianc bought my ring over two months ago and on a day where we were gardening at my parents house, my fianc took my dad out front to plant poppy flowers and that is where he broke out the ring and asked my dad for his daughters hand in marriage.  My dad was proud to say yes and kept this as a secret from my mom.  7 weeks later, I was planning an amazing birthday dinner at a steakhouse just the two of us, and a gathering at our house afterwards with all of his friends and family.  The day of his birthday he took my sister flower and candle shopping and he designed an amazing experience for when we got home from dinner.  At dinner he was saying the most amazing things to me and I was so happy.  We were driving home and he was texting my family to let them know we were on our way home.  I pulled in the driveway and couldn't find my garage opener.  He said "don't worry about it babe, I think I left the back slider open".  I didn't think anything of it and we walked through our side yard and we were immediately greeted by our 2 year old puppy.  I opened gate from the side yard to the backyard and the fire pit was on.  I said to him, "you left the fire pit on!" He said that is weird I don't remember turning it on.  After turning the corner I saw the most beautiful surprise ever...... Candles everywhere, flowers/roses everywhere and on our bartop there was candles and 3 huge vases of roses with a heart shaped out of rose pedals on the counter.  On top of the rose pedals was a black box wrapped in red ribbon.  I started to cry and said "is this really happening?" He kept telling me to open it.  As I was shaking like crazy I opened the box and he got on one knee and asked me "Will you marry me and be my wife forever and always?" I of course continued to cry and I said yes, put the ring on and hugged him and couldn't let go.  He then said "And we are leaving tomorrow for a 3 day getaway to Newport Beach on an engagement vacation."  I was shaking, crying, smiling and couldn't stop looking at my ring and he told me to go inside because my sister was in there she stayed after setting it up.  Shortly after, my family, his family and our friends showed up for an amazing celebration for our engagement which they all knew about and his birthday which I invited them for. This was the BEST night of my life! I will always remember December 28, 2012. Paul Kelli FOREVER!!!!
  • It happened on Christmas Eve...

    I was running around our apartment in my pre-Christmas frenzy; packing for my annual family trip to Arizona, practicing the solo for that evening's "O Holy Night" performance at church, and finishing up wrapping gifts for my boyfriend, parents, and sister. One thing I should tell you is that I am fanatical about making lists. So for a time like this, I have a chalkboard in our hallway that laid out the day's duties.

    Finished with my shower, my hair still wet and my face sans makeup, I threw on a sweatshirt and jeans and went into the kitchen, where my boyfriend was sitting at the table, to suggest grabbing some lunch. He agreed and we got our coats on. Before we left, I wanted to cross some stuff of on the list that I had finished, so I went over to the chalkboard and realized that beneath the list of "Do now," "ASAP," and "Don't forget" was written "Open this" with hand-drawn arrows pointing to a small wrapped box on the shallow ledge of the board.

    I could feel my heart beating through my coat. He came around the corner and smiled warmly at me. "Should I open it?" I gasped. "Well, what does it say?" he responded with a small wink. I slowly began to peel the layer of blue snowflake wrapping paper away to reveal a bright yellow box and I stared at it, smiling, for what seemed like an eternity. I looked up from the box, and he was on one knee, in his coat, in our hallway asking "Will you marry me?"

    This is the point where you feel a way you've never felt before, a way you cannot begin to imagine or even describe until it happens to you (it's an amazing feeling!). "Yes! Yes! Yes!! Of course!" I exclaimed through my uncontrollable giggling. And then I realized, I hadn't even opened the box. The ring that was inside that box was as beautiful as the question he had just asked.

    Oh, and we did finally go to lunch! ;^)
  • My boyfriend came over on New Years Eve in his snowmobile suit and I was all ready to celebrate the New Years! He kept begging me to come out riding with him on his snowmobile. I finally gave in and we went out on a snowmobile ride.  He was driving so fast!! We finally came back to my drive way and he asked if I remembered where he first asked me out at.  I said yes in my driveway on the back of your ford pick up truck.  I turned to him and he was down on one knee in my driveway at the exact spot he first asked me to be his first girlfriend. We then had a great New Year's Eve celebrating the new year and us being engaged!
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    I have to start off by saying that I really thought I would know when Daniel was going to propose. I was completely wrong!


    Daniel does photography and wanted to take sunrise pictures while we were on vacation with his parents.


    We set up at a pull over area with a view of the beach. I took lots of pictures with my phone. I was trying to get the panoramic feature to work on the phone and it just would not work. I remember fussing about it while Daniel took pictures with his camera. We got to talking about when the sunrise was predicted (7:22am) and the fact that this boat would probably be right in front of the sun when it rose. Daniel was excited about getting the picture.


    Then we had the following conversation:


    Daniel: “Do you know where we are?”
    Nikki: “What do you mean?”
    Daniel: “Do you know where we are?”
    Nikki: “Jekyll”
    Daniel: “I’ll let you think about it while I take these pictures”
    Nikki: “I don’t understand what you mean. We are on Jekyll facing east. I don’t understand what you mean”


    I would like to explain that Daniel knows a lot of random facts and I thought he was going to tell me something interesting about the island like “We are on the most eastern coast of Georgia” or something.


    He said that we were where he took the picture. I knew exactly what picture. We started dating last December and when he went on vacation with his family he took a picture of a beautiful orange colored sky. “Orange Colored Sky” had become our song when we started dating. It was sung at the first concert we ever went to, even though we were not dating at the time. He took that picture and put some the lyrics on it and I use it as my screensaver at work.


    Back to the proposal. He said we were where he took that picture which is why he wanted me with him that morning. “So that I could do this…” Daniel dropped to one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”


    I said “Oh my goodness…are you freaking kidding me?” I had no clue what was going on and then a saw the ring and realized he was proposing. It clicked that he was still kneeling so I thought “oh man, I need to say yes” so I hollered “YES!” and hugged him.


    Then he said, “Can I stand up, I’m kneeling on rock?” We stood there hugging for a while just processing that we were engaged.


    I had no idea he was planning to propose or that he had even talked to my parents! That was an adventure in itself. Apparently my law enforcement dad just had to have a shotgun in his lap when Daniel showed up. Good thing Daniel wasn't scared off...it actually broke the tension!


    A picture from the sunrise:

  • My Fiance and I had a crazy fall this year.  Im still in school and we started our search to purchase our first home, between the two with work mixed in we felt like we were constantly being pulled in one direction.  In October we found our house and started the long loan process of waiting never knowing which weekend we would be able to start moving.  The first weekend in November we were finally able to move in and immediately started remodeling and painting.  For the last 5 years we lived in a one bedroom apartment and always talked about wanting to get an english mastiff, so of course two weeks after being in our new home we went and bought a puppy the weekend of our 6 year anniversary. Because of the house, and the puppy we told each other we wernt going to go crazy and spending money on presents, just a nice dinner with the two of us. But of course because I love a good reason to celebrate, I couldnt help myself.  I talked to all of our friends and arranged to have a surprise housewarming party the Saturday night of our 6 year.  Coming home from dinner I texted my friends letting them know where we were and when to get everyone ready.  As we got home my friend aimee, who was on puppy sitting duty,  did her scripted "can you guys come down here?" We walked down the stairs & I waited for the anticipated "SURPRISE MICKEY!" but I immediately knew something wasnt right.  Everybody was late on cue and Mickey (my fiance) did not have the look of shock on his face.  I turned to the 40 people in our basement as four of my friends lifted a sign stating WILL YOU MARRY ME? Immediately confused thinking this is some cruel joke, I turned to Mickey to see him getting down on one knee in front of all of our closest friends and family to tell me he loved me very much and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and held out the ring.  I cannot even begin to explain the shock and happiness of that moment but I know it is one I will never forget.  Not only did he surprise me (I thought with everything going on with the house,puppy,work & school, there was absolutely no way an engagement was in the picture) but the way he proposed was a way I would never expect from him, I always imagined him doing it very low key and just the two of us. I love him so much and

     that even after 6 years he can continue to shock and amaze me I cant wait to see what the rest of our lives will bring
  • It was New Years Eve, and my first ever dog's first birthday. It was announced that Andy Reid was fired from the Eagles (this was just coincidence... I think. ;). We were sitting around waiting for the ball to drop and once it hit 30. he asked me to get our dog and that he wanted to hold her. Once the clock hit ten he pulled out a box and half-attempted to get on one knee while holding a squirmy dog and I instantly knew. I almost tackled him when I said yes! His brother was home and asleep (knew about the whole thing) and he said I sounded like I was getting murdered out here when he asked! But hey. Now, to plan. :)
  • It was Christmas Eve and my fiance and I had just finished some last minute shopping. He ran a bath for me (like he always does) and asked me what romantic movie I would like to watch. I chose the Notebook and he brought me a cup of tea and left me to soak. After about 20 minutes, I came out, and saw had set up a bed beside our christmas tree and the movie was on. We snuggled together watching the movie. A couple weeks prior I had found his drafts of his 'proposals' and he knew that I had read them. He turns to me and says that no words could describe the love he feels for me, and he could not imagine life without me in it. Then, there was a box in my face. I started to cry and he opened it. It was a beautiful solitaire diamond, set in rose gold with a white gold band. Then he started to cry and we were both speechless. Finally I whispered, 'You have to ask me' and giggled, and he said, 'Will you marry me...please?' in the cutest voice. I said yes, and we kissed and both beamed from ear to ear for the rest of the night. 
  • I was wondering the same thing....who won?
  • My engagement happend just after Thanksgiving. Of course, I hoped that this would happen over the holidays since we have been dating for almost 7 years, but my boyfriend had me convinced that it would be at least another year before he could afford a ring.

    He planned a night out on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City because he knew I wanted to go look at the Christmas lights. I didn't think anything of it because it was a random Tuesday night, but I got excited as I always do for date night.

    After dinner, we were going to walk to this big beautiful fountain to see if it was lit and to throw in pennies for good luck. However, we got to the fountain and it wasn't on because it was too cold. I was ready to head back to the car, but he kept telling me we should throw in pennies anyway, which I thought was crazy since the fountain wasn't on. He said "just give me your gloves and get some pennies out". I digging in my purse for the pennies with my back turned to him, and when I turned around and he was down on one knee with tears in his eyes and a ring in his hand. I was shocked and I think my response was "Is this even a question? You know my answer..yes!!!

  • I'm too late for the contest,but wanted to share our story anyway. We got engaged on the 4th. We are vacationing in Ireland and decided to visit the Cliffs of Moher. We climbed all the way to a spot where you can get right next to the edge of the cliff and I turned around to take a picture of the town behind us. When I turned around, there he was on bended knee. I didn't realize what was happening at first until he simply said 'Sarah, will you marry me?' Of course I said yes and started crying and hugging him! He then told me he had been planning it for months and our families knew before we left we have no way od contacting them before we get back. We've been dating for nearly 4 years before this, so needless to say I'm excited for this portion of our lives to get started, but we're going to wait until we're finished with school to actually start planning!
  • After 17 years together and three children he got down on one knee on Christmas day evening. Surrounded by thousands at Disney World during the fireworks spectacular and asked me to merry him. Our mothers and children were witness to the proposal.It was really romantic and hectic all in one! He pulled it off without a hitch and now we'll be married in October of this year.
  • Did anyone ever win this?
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