Just Engaged and Proposals

new here!

Hello everyone!
Im new to this site, I got engaged on 12/7/11
we havnt picked a date yet but we are looking at a longer engagemnt,
mostly because I am waiting to find out if I get into pharmacy school or not, and I wont know until May, and Ill start in september and its a 36 month straight through program (with smal breaks) so my hope is to get married before my third year which is all internships and no more exams/classes!
my finace wants to wait until i get my schooling done so that i can focus on school Smile i love that he looks out for my best interest even if that means waiting a lil longer lol
but with that  in mind...i have almost a year off of school so i am getting a head start on wedding ideas and things i want to do in fact today I am going to look at wedding dresses and get an idea about what styles i like best :) even tho its early
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