*Snark alert*

My cousin is also engaged and has been posting alllllll about her wedding planning on Facebook. Most recently, "OMG I am soooooo busyyyyy. Moving and planning a wedding is soooooo hard."

I didn't reply with this, but here's what I was thinking: "Try working a full time job, attending graduate school full-time, moving, and planning a wedding." Sorry Charlie, I win this you-know-whatting contest. :-P

Re: *Snark alert*

  • HAHA yeaaah. I have someone in my life that is SO EXHAUSTED by their 9-5 and watching TV all night (legit that is what this person does, I do not make this up). UM try grad school, preparing to teach at the university and tutor, preparing to move AND wedding planning. Actually, this is my FMIL.  Adore her, but she is not famous for her work ethic or resiliency... 
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  • BAM! I'm right there with you. Planning a wedding sucks. I'm engaged to be engaged so I'll be planning on top of full-time work and school. Yikes!
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  • I understand where y'all are coming from.  I'm planning a wedding, just got promoted at work to a part time assistant manager, about to start my last year of undergrad, and we'll be moving right around the time of the wedding.  The only frustrating part is we won't know where we're going to be moving until FI finds out where he got into PA school.  And that won't be until March.  

    It's a lot to handle at once, but it's so worth it in the long run.
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  • Ditto for me, 60 hour work weeks (don't you love salary), full time school and planning a wedding; I feel like either my head is going to explode or I'm just going to fall over from exhaustion!
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  • So nice to hear everyone is going through the same thing I am!  Classes this fall in addition to a dissertation proposal and my comprehensive exams, on top of a grant review (for a grant that provides my funding), both of which are going to be immediately following a half Ironman triathlon.  Add to that I am most likely going to be planning my wedding, and there goes all my free time (and my precious 8 hours of sleep a night!).  I'm going to go cuddle with my fur baby and pretend this fall isn't going to happen to me...
  • You guys make me happy that I'm not doing all of this while in grad school.  No offense.  I'll get there eventually, but at least wedding planning won't be occurring at the same time.  I'm not salaried, but I still ended up taking the promotion since once FI and I get married and move, if I need to work a part time job on weekends as well as a full time one in order to make a little extra money I can transfer to a store wherever we go.  He can't work since he'll be in PA school, and that in itself (finding my first full-time job) is kind of stressful.
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  • ahhh I love this board! this week I'm finishing up my 3rd semester of grad school and have my last day at my year long internship. I also work and am getting married in 12days. I just want to roll my eyes when people have a 40hr work week and thats it but they still complain about all the hard work it is to plan a wedding. Oh well, it will all be worth it shortly! Good luck to all the brides on this board!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: *Snark alert*</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'm engaged to be engaged
    Posted by catrb89[/QUOTE]
    Dating. That's called dating.

  • This make me feel so much better! My future sister in-law got engaged to a guy about 6 months after us, they had only been dating for 3 months! Anyway she always says she is to busy and tired, she just works 40 hrs a week in town. Right, try grad school, full time work (I also commute 30 min to and from), I help my dad with his business, and working on our house plans (we are building). I'm lucky my FI is such a great guy and helps with my to- do list otherwise I would have already lost it. Not to mention he is my biggest supporter/cheerleader.
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