Ugh..cannot seem to focus!

Hi ladies,
So last week was spring break and FI and I had a wonderful time chillin' with each other, and enjoying the early spring weather here in PA. However, now school's back in and I just cannot seem to focus on any of the stuff I have to get done. I have paper's due tomorrow, thursday, and friday and I'm not even anywhere near done with any of them! UGH! I've been on here looking at wedding stuff all day! Are any of you in the same boat as me? Lols! Thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: Ugh..cannot seem to focus!

  • Totally! This is my second day back from spring break and I'm just dying. I had a paper due today that I actually wrote entirely today. Then I have two pretty tough exams this Thursday that I'm worried about. AND I have a stupid meeting tomorrow which might last all night, no joke. To add to all of this, the weather is JUST getting nice this week...It's in the 70s whereas over my spring break it still felt like winter - what's up with that??

    So yes, I definitely hear you in the motivation department. I'm trying to study, but all I want to do is sleep!
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    I'm going to third this!! It's also my second day back after spending most of break relaxing with my fiance.  I've no motivation to focus on work. It's been so gorgeous in PA (im out east) I'm staring out the windows in class and taking leisurely walks around campus and then when it's time to focus on work I'm on here or other wedding sites for far too long. Not too mention all the excitement I'm feeling not that we've finalized our plans I just want to get it all done and get married. 

    Spring fever anybody? haha :)
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  • I can understand what you are going through my wedding is in less than two weeks so throughout the entire school year I was so not focused on school especially around now. Its really hard because you are really excited about the wedding and its seems like you cant focus on one without leaving the other behind. I would like to say it gets easier but the closer it gets to your date the harder it gets. One thing that did help me a lot though was having a schedule or to do list and sticking to it. I would put stuff on a calender I have on the wall so that I would see it everyday so with major assignments or major wedding duties I know they had to be done first.
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