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Does anyone else notice the poor grammer in forum posts? Half my class posts are impossible to read with the poor spelling and grammer. It drives me insane
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    [QUOTE]I teach a couple classes that are blended...twice a week in the classroom and once a week online.  I<strong> finally had to put a clause in my syllabus that said I wouldn't reply to any e-mail that contained text speak</strong>.  It hasn't really worked, but I'm trying. I had a nightmare once that I e-mailed one of my PhD committee members and it was so poorly proofread that he told me he wouldn't be on my committee and I needed to drop out of school.  Needless to say, I go over each e-mail I send to him very carefully!
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    Sad thing s he did this too and people still write poorly. Drives me up the wall, we get graded on have a discussion. However I feel like I am talking to myself in that class. <img src="" border="0" alt="Frown" title="Frown" /> Then I feel like a smarty pants for doing so. Oh well its almost half over already!
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