Hey!! What's your dissertation on??

Hi ladies!!  I got married a few years ago to an AMAZING guy, and he's been there for me through thick and thin!  Even all the traveling around I've done for school, he's been right tehre supporting me.  I figured since we're all students here (I assume this means graduate school, LOL) we can talk about our research!  Maybe it's a good place to bounce ideas off of one another.Anyway, my research is on bone histology of a dinosaur species, where I cut up dinosaur bones and look at the  tissue under a microscope (it's still preserved!), and determine how old the individuals were when they died, and from that I determine growth rate, age at sexual maturity, and longevity of an extinct species!  It's pretty cool, and I should be finishing my PhD in Paleontology in a few years.  Then we can finally relax a little and enjoy our married life together even more than we already are!  I can't wait.So, introduce yourself!

Re: Hey!! What's your dissertation on??

  • Hi!! *waves* I'm still waiting on my FI to propose to me!! I showed him which ring I wanted but he want's to wait until we graduate. Well, he's in his last year at the state university. I'm in my last year of high school. I don't think it's wrong to just give me the ring now. It's not like we have to get married. I'm not going to school when I graduate anyway. I want to be a housewife and have 3 kids. Nice to meet you!!
  • Dissertation?  What's that?  I thought this board was for girls in high school who were planning their wedding.  I guess I'll start by saying that I'm a rising Junior in HS and I'm studying college-prep type courses.  Ya know...English, Math, bio.  My BF is on the football team and I'm a cheerleader.  Everyone tells us we are perfect together.  I love him so much and all  I can ever think of is getting married and staying home to and being a mom.  I'm hoping that when he graduates in June we will get engaged.  I really think he will.  I've already picked out my dress and asked my best friends to be in the wedding.  All I need is my ring!  Wish me luck.
  • Hi OMG Guinea Pigs!! I'm so glad there's a board here for students now. I was worried I was the only "Mrs." that was on her way to being "Dr." around on these boards! I am working on a Ph.D in Social Psychology. It truly is so fascinating, hopefully there are some other prospective Ph.D Psych girls (or guys, of course!) here so we can chat about it. I'm working on my dissertation, which is going to be about career development in ethnic minorities, and the effects of ethnic identity and acculturation on perceived career barriers. That's pretty self-explanatory I think, but if anyone has any questions/ideas/thoughts, I'd LOVE your input.
  • OMG I'm so glad this board is here. I'm working on my Ph.D and have a major married student question: When I'm a Dr., will we be Dr. and Mr. HisLastName, or Mr. and Dr. HisLastName?! Please answer because I'll be a Dr. soon and don't want to break any etiquette rules.
  • What's a dissertation? Right now I'm a senior in HS.  FI is in his first year at university, he proposed this summer!  I'm so excited to plan our wedding, but I know it's going to be sooooo stressful with school and stuff.  Plus my mom and dad are being totally awful about it and refusing to put any money into the wedding.What do your rings look like?  Mine is super small but I plan on upgrading as soon as we can.  I want a huge rock.
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  • OMG Guinea, Remind me I have work to do for school..eek! Anyway my Dissertation is: Communicative verbal abuse and manipulation through speech and the psychological remifications of such communication.
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  • Our theme is going to be Homecoming, the wedding party is going to ride from the ceremony to the reception on floats decorated in our colors and my best friends are going to reuse their homecoming dresses!!  We're doing some outdoors pics at our grade school (where we met)!!  I'm so excited!!
  • Rasberry_Brainstorm: I'm glad you're going to upgrade your ring! How much you FI loves you is reflected in how big your rock is! I'm nowhere near doing my dissertation yet! I still have some stupid generals classes to take before I get to the fun stuff. You know, where you start your major and buy a house and land a super cool job (like Guinea pigs getting to dissect dinosaur tissue!). But I'm going into psychology- I'm either going to study sociopaths and serial killers and go into jails and stuff and interview them or be a therapist! I really don't konw though, being a therapist seems kinda dull compared to someone who studies criminals! 
  • OMG Smock Smock, your DH is going to let you go by Dr? Mine says it's all well and good that I will have a PhD, but he is not letting his wife have a "higher title" than him. So I guess I'll just be Mrs. abarrett, PhD. :(
  • gurneygrrl.......that's an adorable idea!!!  Since my DH and I are high school sweethearts (and I'm on the homecoming court each year) it would be a great theme for our wedding.  Do you mind if I steal it?!?!?! 
  • Hi girls!!!!!! OMG I'm SO psyched there is a board for girls that are still in students, but so ready to get married!!! I'm only a junior, but I'm really mature for my age. My bf is a little older, but age is just a number, right? I love, love, LOVE the idea of having your friends reuse their prom dresses for the wedding. It's so important since everyone say the economy is terrible, right? If I make them buy the same dress, that's not mean is it? NEways, my bf and I have been together for 3 months, so I just KNOW its true love.  My wedding is all planned already, and I just have to figure how to make him marry me. Will getting prego work? Like I think that's how it works, right? Can't wait to get to know everyone!!!
  • OMG, I totally don't care!!!  Since my wedding party and I are on the cheerleading squad and it is such a big part of our lives, my BMs made up an original cheer for us, and they are going to perform it right after we cut the cake!  It was supposed to be a surprise but my best friend let it slip the other day during 4th period!  Sharing all this excitement with you is just the BEST!!
  • Getting preggo would probably work, but then you'd get fat, so just PRETEND to be preg!! 
  • Thanx gurneygrr!! I've told all my friends that I am going to try to get prego and they ALL agree, its the best (and ONLY) way to make him stay around.
  • People are always saying we're too young, but they don't know us!!  We're both really mature for our ages, plus we've been together since 7th grade!  We're so in love!
  • Abarrett, good point! I really need to look at the silver lining. You also helped me answer my question, lol! Since DH is so nice about me getting a PhD, I don't want to show him up by doing "Dr. and Mr." so I'll ask him if "Mr. and Dr." is okay.
  • Okay so girls..suggestions on how to get preggo? I mean, like I know you have to have sex a lot, but what else can I do?
  • Well if you haven't already you need to poke holes in all your condoms and *forget* to take your bcp, that way you can be just as surprised as he is!!
  • Also, stand on your head after he finishes (inside you of course) so gravity can help the little guys get to the prize!!  Also, say a prayer.  If there's a full moon too I heard that's good.  And if you do it twice in one night you're probably gonna have twins!!!
  • You know, at first I was thinking you should just fake a pregnancy so you wouldn't be fat at prom, but now I'm thinking go for it!!  All your friends will want to babysit, plus teachers will no doubt feel sorry for you being a teen mom and all, so you might be able to get out of finals in the spring!  Not to mention you'll be able to get welfare.  Hmm, maybe I need to get knocked up too!!
  • Well we're a step ahead, since we don't use condoms (never have, really!). I mean we've been together long enough that I know he will be faithful. Side note- he does have a lot of female friends and he calls/texts them all the time and buys them presents, AND he won't let me see his phone. But I'm sure he's not hiding anything; he's just a nice guy right?NEways.. so I should start forgetting my BC all the time, right? I'll start tonight.. Oh, oh OH... MAYBE I will get prego super quick and our baby could be the flower girl in our wedding?? OMG, it would be soooooooooooo cute!!!
  • Awww, that would be so cute!!  You could get her ears pierced and take her to the salon with you for manicures!!  You guys will be best friends, since you will be alone with her all the time! (sounds like your bf is gone alot hanging out with his totally platonic female friends) By the way, if you trust him, I wouldn't worry about those girls, your bf prolly just has cold feet, I'm sure it's nothing!!  How about his parents, do they like you??  I'll bet they're excited to be grandma and grandpa!!!
  • I really think its best to be a teen mom, since like, that will mean you aren't old when you have a baby. And you will still be young and cute. And then when your kids are older, you can be friends and you don't have to be a mean, old mom. Well you see, I've never met his parents. Um like, he's a little bit older than me. And so he's waiting to introduce me until later on..Thanks for the twins advice... maybe if I get prego twice in one night, I won't have to be prego for the whole 9 months, since aren't twins always born super early? Maybe I won't get super fat then? But, if I get super fat, that means I will be eating whatever I won't, since I'll totally lose it all when I have the baby right? Omgggggggg I am sooooooo sorry, this was supposed to be about wedding, not babies!! Well I can say this about my ring, its going to be at least 3 carats and platinum. And I want it to come from Tiffany; and if I don't get it, I will say no!!
  • Hi. I'm a junior in high school and I'm 4 mos pregnant.  My FI is 23 and works really hard in construction.  Right now we are both living with my parents in their basement 'apartment'.  We want to save money for the wedding and the baby.  We're getting married when I graduate from HS in 2011 (crossing my fingers that I have someone to watch our baby so I can finish HS).  My mom might let me get married sooner (I'm only 15 as of right now) so me and the baby can be on FI's insurance because I don't want to have to get government assistance. I want to have a Disney/Cinderella theme for my wedding.  I am going to have a dress just like Cinderella and our baby (it's a girl!) is going to be Tinkerbell.  FI will be Prince Charming, of course! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!
  • Martini-OMG!!!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your theme. It will be SO romantic and perfect!!! I really think you should try to incorporate some wildlife into your wedding. I mean like, since Cinderella had mice helping her get dresses, you should have each one of your BM's dress like mice. Wouldn't that be cute? And since you're the bride, they should listen to what you say and do everything you want!!!
  • I agree, being a teen mom is best, because we're young and have energy to chase our kids, and, like, our kids will never be embarassed of us cuz we'll be cool young moms, plus, there's the whole point about being friends.  And who wants to me a mean old mom?  DUH, NO ONE!Don't worry if you haven't met his parents yet, he's probably just waiting for the right time.  I would try to meet them before the wedding though, otherwise it might be awkward.  If he won't introduce you just show up at his house!!  Does he still live with his parents?  If not just go to his parents house and explain who you are, I'm sure he's told them about you!!  He's probably just too busy to arrange a meeting.  This is okay, this is something you can do yourself just to prove to him that you are an independent woman, plus his parents will see how mature you are by taking this step to meet them.  Yeah, you really should try that thing about twins, I also heard they are born early so at least you won't have to be preggo as long, and if you want to lose the weight really fast just starve yourself for a while, that's what me and my friends do if our cheerleader uniforms are a little tight!  Oh one other thing about getting pregs, check your horoscope the day you guys do it, make sure it looks favorable.  Oh, and have your friends help you pick out something cute to wear, you want the night he knocks you up to be special and memorable.  See if you guys can get the house to yourselves since you don't want to make a lovechild with the gearshift poking you in the back and it would really suck to have your little brothers running past your bedroom door making rude noises.  Fianlly, about the ring, if he really loves you, and I mean REALLY LOVES you, he will get you whatever ring you want, just make sure the pregnancy things works for sure and you tell him about the baby first, then he will know how important it is for you two to be together.  If he isn't willing to go that much into debt for the ring you want then I guess you will learn a very valuable lesson about where you stand with him.   Just in case though do you have some guy friends you can hang out with to make him jealous??  This will no doubt make him come around if he sees how much other guys want you. 
  • Martini, that is so admirable about wanting to get on your fi's insurance, but don't feel bad about accepting government assistance!!  It is there for us to use!!  If the government didn't want us to have children we can't support on our own would they have these programs to give us handouts?  Just don't tell them you're living with your parents, even though I understand that it's a separate apartment and you guys are totally on your own, they don't always see it that way and they would deny you what society owes you.  If you have to lie, so be it.  A friend of mine who lives with her parents had to make up her own address for those forms so she could get food stamps and other stuff, she just took her parents address and added 1/2 after it, isn't that smart??!!  She's like the smartest girl in our class. 
  • I foresee a bunch of really memorable Maury episodes.
  • Who's Maury and why would you say that?
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