Wedding planning VS Homework

Is anybody else having a tough time concentrating on school instead of wedding planning?  Because it seems like every time I sit down to do homework, five minutes in I find myself going "La la la... you know what would be fun?  MAKING WEDDING INVITATIONS OMG" and then that's pretty much it for the homeworking.

Re: Wedding planning VS Homework

  • I've had a lot of trouble this weekend but I think it was because I didn't really want to do what I had to do. Now it's 8:40 and we've got company and I still need to write a lesson plan and a short paper. They're not due until next week but our engagement party is this weekend so I know nothing will get done HW wise. I totally feel you!!! 10/10/10 Bride!!
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  • I agree with pp.  I'm not even on facebook but I now see how it can be addicting!! 10/10/10 Bride!!  
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  • This weekend went like this...WoW*thought* I should be reading chapters for hwWoW*class**shopping**thought* I should be doing some homework*thought* Maybe I should cut out some leaves...WoWEatWoW*thought* I should be doing some homeworkI think I am at the point of not wanting to do my DIY projects either hahaha!
  • Ness- I had to leave my laptop at home for that sole reason. If I take it to class, especially one that could potentially put me to sleep, I'm either on Facebook or here on the boards.
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  • Last week, I failed 2 quizzes and turned in a paper an hour late.  And I'm that I'm "THAT" annoying overacheiver. :) But I spend all my time here!!  iT'S NOT EVEN THAT i'M preoccupied with wedding planning. I'm just messing around.And do you know how this is worse than FB? There's a million idea pages and boards to look at. So this week, I am vowing to only log in 2 times a day. Maybe more during international finance.
  • haha I should definitely be reading papers at school and always find myself on TK!!! its bad!!!! I have a lot to do in the next few months schoolwise and I cant focus!
  • I know exactly what all of you mean!!  I was proposed to in March of this year and I was determined to have as much planned over the summer so I wouldn't go on here as much.  So now I'm 3-4 weeks into the semester and I've been on here for the last four hours.  I have one test, 3 research projects, and various clubs/activities I am responsible for.  I'm seriously procrastinating!!!
  • Haha, I am so there with all of you!  It's a good thing that the school I'm student teaching at keeps sites like TK and FB blocked from the server, otherwise I'm sure I'd be on here instead of grading papers during my planning period.  I've found, though, that when I procrastinate, I tend to do my best work because I know that I have no other choice but to get it done.
  • I had just started nursing school 4 months before my wedding. It was really tough but I ended up not doing very much wedding planning (except for spring break) until about 3 weeks before. And I only started to tie things up 3 weeks prior because I had my vendors calling me asking my opinion. So, as hard as it was school came first (well, really the knot did) then planning. Both made me very tired... and broke ;)
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  • haha. definitely!! what do you think I'm supposed to be doing right now?! lol
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  • I definitely agree! I really have to try to resist getting on the knot when I should be doing homework or I'll start daydreaming about the wedding for hours! But I've always been a procrastinator, so if it weren't wedding planning it'd be something else!
  • Oh gosh...currently I'm only taking one class (I'm finishing up pre-reqs and applying for pharmacy school), yet I was completely unprepared for my midterm last week!  So pathetic.  I also have to take the PCAT (pharmacy college admissions test) three weeks from yesterday, and I was planning to study for that all day today.  It's 3:45 book is laying beside me.  So bad!!!  The worst part is that I'm not getting married until January 2011.  I'm never going to get into pharmacy school!  Haha.
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  • LOL...we all sound like were in a big boat cruising to the end of the aisle...I get on here alot I and youtube...I am so addicted to YOUTUBE (if you get on youtube...check out this girl named kandee johnson..she is a MUA for like celebs and stuff..shes amazing and I really enjoy her videos she makes me laugh all the time..and well I've been so depressed so its helped me out..but yeah anyways)..I get my homework done too...I'll do some the computer do some some more...I can't just sit down hours at a time and work work work...but I am about to have to start doing EXACTLY THAT!
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  • I have the same problem! Every time I go to sit down and work on homework after doing that for about 10 minutes, I find myself needing a "break" and then am on theKnot for hours and doing research on wedding stuff. Then like you the night is pretty much done..
  • I don't usually get that distracted by wedding stuff... but since my fiance left this morning to go back to England for 6 weeks, I've been feeling a stronger urge to do some planning.And I have two business law chapters, three other assignents AND a three paper due tomorrow.
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