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Hi!!! I'm so glad that there's a space for student brides here!! This is my story: My mom doesn't want me to get married until I graduate, but I have found the love of my life, he is amazing, I'm so sure about being his wife, he wants to give me the best and he is always helping me in everything, in my studies, my problems, he wants me to graduate and help me with that, he sets me free to do whatever I want to and gives me the best advices, he is not rich, but he is really hard worker, he loves me, my friends love him, my sister likes him, but my mom doesnt want me to even have boyfriend until I graduate. Here medicine carreer is 6-yrs long, I still have 2 years left and we are willing to get married in december 2010, I'm so sure that we can deal with marriage and studies at the same time, but I don't know how to make my mom understand that. I'm trying to make her see, but I need more ideas, please. *I haven't said my mom that we are going to marry, I don't want to do it until I'm sure that she understands that.

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  • Hey!I understand how you feel. My parents are the same way! That's why FI and I post poned our wedding til... 2012! That's 2 yrs longer than yours!I'm sure things will work out fine. 2010 isn't that far away- at least you have a little over a year to plan! GL!
  • I'm the same way!  I'm working on my DPT, and my mom wants me to wait till graduation in May 2012.  I'm trying to think of the other side of the story.  Sharing the cost of rent, being able to say during a job interview, "I can't start till July, becuase I have a honeymoon." or the other side, "I'll start right away, but I'll need some time off early to get married."  Either way, it doesn't seem like a good thing.  My mom also is holding some money over my head if we don't wait. So its hard, and with school, I know I can't afford a wedding.Good luck
  • My fiance and I have been waiting 2 years for me to finish school and we still have one more to go. He is older than me sand we've been together since I started college. We are getting married two months before I finish school. We can't wait any longer because I need health insurance and the only reason we've waited his long is because of our daughter. We do have family that got married with the wife just starting nursing school. She just graduated and is now working in the ER as an RN!! Maybe if you could find lots of stories like these you will be able to convince your mom. Waiting is hard and if you don't need to wait it's even harder!! 10/10/10 Bride!!
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  • I know how that is!  My parents don't necessarily want me to wait until I'm finished with school (I won't have my PharmD until May of 2014), but they DO think I'm too young (I'm 20 now, will be 21 at my wedding).  What I told them is that I would also like to be older, but not at the expense of having a five year relationship!  It's all about being with the right person, and that's what makes it the right time.  If you wait for the "right time," you'll never get married!  They understand that, and they LOVE my fiance, which helps.  To appease them, we're having a longer engagement than I would like.  I would've liked to get married next summer (we got engaged two months ago), but we are waiting until January of 2011 to make things a little easier with them.  At that point, we will have been together for three years, which is PLENTY of time!  Anyway, I don't know if this really helps at all, but basically my point is that there's no such thing as the right time, just the right person!  Good luck with your mom, and your schooling!  P.S.  If your decision is money-based, you won't be the only poor one!  We are paying for a lot of our wedding on our own, because my dad thinks weddings should cost like $2,000 (LOL).  I will still be in school, and my fiance will have just finished school with a general degree, nothing that is going to make him loads of money.  Like I said---no right time!  We will be happy regardless.
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  • Ok first of all...3 years is NOT a long relationship when you are only 20! I know it seems that way...but it's really not. I have been with my FI for almost 7 years and I am 24. We were around the 2 or 3 year mark at age 20/21 and I am so glad we waited. I thought I was ready but he was not so I waited and our relationship is better because of it. If he is truly the one, there is no need to rush into marriage. He will still be there 2-3 years later.Why don't you want to wait 2 years? If you are so sure this is the right guy, why not wait til after you graduate? Plus if you are graduationg May 2011 what is 6 more months? Especially if they are willing to help you out financially.Do you live with your FI? Because I can tell you this...if you don't...there is going to be a learning curve period once you move in together and trust do not want to go through that PLUS trying to graduate which is also a stressful time.Have you asked your mom why she feels this way?
  • Haha!  I knew that me saying I didn't want a "super long" (to me) relationship was going to sound bad, because I know that many people have been together far longer than we have.  I should have explained further.  Currently, I am living in Missoula, MT, applying for pharmacy school here.  My fiance is in Albany, OR (our hometown), finishing school there.  That's a nine hour drive.  Once we get married, we can end the long distance relationship.  SO getting married sooner is more desirable.  BUT, I mean, that's not the only reason.  I also want to marry him!
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  • Lindseroo,I am currently in my P-2 year of pharmacy school. My parents wanted my fiance and I to wait until we graduated (he's applying to PT school and will graduate a year after I do). I really don't want to have to worry about planning a wedding and studying for my boards so I am intending to get married between my p-3 and p-4 year, right before I start my rotations. We are living together already and it's going great, but the demands of pharmacy school can make things a little stressful. Trying to study pharmacology and do wedding planning at the same time isn't working out too well lol. Anyway, good luck with applying to pharmacy school and planning your wedding!
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  • Sorry, lindseroo, i reported your comment trying to reply... :S Everybody has told about paying the wedding, I don't want a wedding if we dont have the money for it, i just want to get married, but my best friend has just said that she will pay my wedding! :) She doesn't want me to marry just like that, and, of course, I'm very happy for that. Thanks for your responses!
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