just looking for a place where I might get some advice... I am in school to get my LPN..then bridge for the RN after we get married. I have exactly 4 quarters (1 year) until I finish. I have just stumbled upon the realization that there is NO WAY I will be able to pass my classes..attend clinicals and learn everything I have to know (peoples lives will be in my hands here) plus work my fulltime job as a server. I have class M-Th from 8-2 then work is from 2-9 (as in sorry boss...I don't get out of class til 2 so I will be late EVERYDAY you schedule me during the week..) I mean..I knew nursing school would be hard..and time consuming...I knew that...but wow I guess I just didn't expect it to be as much as it is..I have all kinds of stuff that I have to do outside of class...skills practice homework etc. I can't do those things if I have to rush straight from class to the job and then don't get off til time for bed..I'm pooped then and want to go to bed..not to mention the labs and stuff at school (or any of my classmates) are up and going..Fi and I don't have a place to live which is why we've set a 2011 date. We won't be able to HAVE a place until I'm done with school. I HAVE to finish. Which means sacrificing, I know. I'm thinking of taking out a student loan to cover my living expenses over the next year (which I probably can't get enough to cover that ..about 12K...I'll probably only be able to get 9 or I'd still have to work weekends to cover the rest...which is totally cool...I think I could handle that) I'm just not really sure I should do this..because this is such a big debt that I would be bringing into the marriage..Fi says to do what I have to to get my education..because it IS important...but gosh I don't want to be a financial burden. Wow..what to do what to do...if I fail...I get kicked out of the program and can't go back for FIVE YEARS! Anyone got advice or reassurances for me..because I don't know what in the world are my other options. Sorry this was sooooo long...and that I seem to be ranting/venting! Or...if there were any misspellings lol!
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Re: just looking for a place where I might get some advice...

  • Oh...I knew I forgot something...I have class M-TH 8-2 and I have clinicals on Fridays...from 6:45 am-until whenever they let us go...could be as late as 5 pm..and this is my first round of clinicals...we have much much more that we will be required to do over the next few quarters. The last quarter we have clinicals daily I this is just the beginning! We're at the nursing home this quarter and we only have one patient...then we get two..and more etc. as we go through our schooling. We have to practice all of our skills outside of class though..they do not alot time for practicing in class. which means that having to be at work right after class, I don't have time to go with my classmates to the lab and learn.
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  • I am in nursing school too. It's very stressful and time consuming. I worked my first semester but had to quit after that because it was effecting my grades (75 is the lowest score I can get before failing). I took out two student loans to help with the bills. It sucks to go into debt but it's completely worth it to not fail out of school. You got to do what you got to do. Good luck with your decision.
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  • Hi Krystlelynn212 - the 10K necessary is prob less than a quarter you'll make the first year you start working. Much better idea to take the money and not risk becoming overloaded and losing pace, have to repeat classes, or worse drop out. Debt is scarey, but you're at the beginning of your career, and life, its only going to get better in the long term. Student debt is the easiest to manage as you can defer the loan later if you go back to school or lose your job. I agree w/the FI do what you need to do.
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