I just wanted to say...

that yesterday I got 90% of my homework done for this week! And it is SUCH a relief! Now if I could do that every weekend...What do you want to just say?

Re: I just wanted to say...

  • I just want to say that instead of doing the paper I had due, I let myself get so stressed out that I developed a migraine and now have to ask for an extension because I can't focus long enough to get it done. I SUCK...
    "Gone to Carolina in my mind..." image
  • that sucks! I hope you get the extension! I HATE writing papers with a hot fiery passion.
  • Ditto the paper hatred, and good luck with the extension!Just wanted to say that I am still completely unprepared for my Linguistics test on Tuesday, but I at least started studying for it (which is also the only homework I got done out of the ton that I have.  I fail).
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