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I'm having a terrible time balancing my science and the wedding. And I know it's not going to get any easier and we want to start a family and move on to other things we want to do. I'm tired of feeling so guilty!!!

Re: PhD student - work life balance

  • Man I wish that they had this board when I was getting married! I don't know PhD. work but I know that it is possible to get through it, take advatange of the help that people offer.

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  • I'm NYE, but according to the BF, it's on the way before the end of the year, and to be honest, the thought of attempting to throw in wedding planning into my already insane schedule is enough to make me shudder. I work full time (8-5, M-F), I'm in the lab full time doing dissertation research, I TA graduate courses, I'm a freelance photographer, not to mention the outside everyday life stuff that has to get squeezed in there (research travel, lab meetings, attempting to lose weight, working out, cooking, cleaning, family obligations, helping a friend and a cousin with their wedding planning, etc, etc, etc.). I literally don't have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do, I don't know how I'm going to throw wedding planning in there when the time comes.

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  • I feel you - I have been unmotivated lately unfortunatley - like I JUST  remembered I have a critique due on a journal article tomorrow haha oh geez...i should probably get to that
  • ohmylord I'm so glad they created this board ;). I'm in the midst of planning mayhem right now!In my opinion, us PhD/Grad Students are pretty darn good at juggling. We have to take classes, teach, do research, write and be productive at all simultaneously. I thought I would lose my sanity planning a wedding but it's just become another notch on my to-do list.You can do it girls! If I can do it without losing my mind, you surely can! Just stay away from those amazing DIY blogs (how the heck does ANYONE have time to make 300 hand-painted invitations with pocketfolds REALLY!?).At least now we have a board to share in each others science/life balancing act!
  • Oh man, I'm using the "I'm an undergrad, I'm not supposed to work here full time," excuse SO OFTEN with wedding planning!  I work in a lab with 3 PhD students and 6 post-docs and am lucky enough to actually be conducting my own research (I'm taking over for a guy who's graduating in December) but it's also giving me a look at how insane science can be.  I know our work is suffering for my not being in the lab all hours, but I try to remember that I'll have at least 5 years as a PhD student to be THAT busy!  Plus, once I start tissue culture on Wednesday I won't be able to skip out for wedding stuff nearly as often... so I've been attempting to have as much planned as possible by now!I'm really hung up on the starting a family bit, too.  I want a family, and I don't see how this lifestyle could ever allow for one!  Has anyone succeeded in having a "career" in research of this nature AND a family, or does anyone know anyone who has?  Three of the post-docs are married, but they all feel guilty about how their cats don't get enough attention and they never see their partners... no kids.  What are you doing your PhDs in?
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