Students is CRAZY!!!

School is crazy...I'm stupid broke and its a never ending cycle. GAH...I feel like marriage is never going to happen. I have even contemplated just going to the courthouse so I can get pell to help with school....but that is a super bad idea...because a. what is a marriage when we don't live together. b. I cant drive an hour to school daily so I can't live with him and c. I would never be happy without being able to have a special day all dressed in white like a princess. I would regret it for the next 80+ years....if I live to be that old! Grr...if there was only some way to get help!...but as the song says "sounds like LIFE to me" it is...everyone has their own crap to deal with!! But...on a brighter note..I passed my first 2 tests this quarter (89 and 84), passed the 3 skills I did this week (radial pulse, apical pulse & respiration counting)  and I met Luke Bryan (country singer from my area) today at his autograph and a picture which is cool...because I've never gotten anyones autograph before lol. Too bad I had to be wearing my scrubs looking like crap ☺ [img][/img]
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Re: is CRAZY!!!

  • fiancé and I are having the same problem! We have no money and are not getting ANY financial aid from the government because we are still "dependant students". We are also contemplating just going to a court house so we can qualify for a pell grant...but I REALLY want a big, pretty wedding. Unfortunately, because we have no money and because my school is an hour away from his work, we are forced to live separately with our parents. We are planning on having the wedding in spring 2011 (so we can transfer to a four-year college together in the fall with financial aid) but that seems like such a long time to wait! How long are you guys waiting? Do you have a rough idea of when you are getting married?
  • our date is set for 10/8/11...and if it happens to move up or back a year it will still be 10/8...unfortunately then it would be a friday(2010) or sunday(2012) wedding
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  • Hey Friday and Sundays are usually a lot cheaper! So you would be saving money :)I am getting married on a Friday...the 13th! HAHA! Next month to be exact. I have been waiting for almost 7 years for this day with this man! It has sucked waiting but it is so worth it! Try to keep your chin up and just keep pluggin along and it will be here before you know it.Just think of Dorie..."just keep swimming, just keep swimming"i applied for Financial Aid finally and I would rather be a dependant student but am too old. My parents have claimed losses for the past 2 or 3 years. They are in the real estate business :/ I could totally get a lot more if I could use them haha.And remember...a marriage isn't valid only if you live together.  Think of the military wives and the spouses who travel. All you need is good communication and a desire for each other :)*hug*
  • HAHA..I know theyre cheaper on Fridays and Sundays...but that doesn't do me any good...I'm having a backyard catering..etc. So none of my stuff will cost anything different...we're borrowing a lot of stuff too and having like my aunt doing the cake since she makes like the BEST red velvet and that's what I want. I know we don't have to live together to be married but I wouldn't WANT to live separate..That just looks and feels awkward to me. As if life is just as it is now..and we're not married. So...I'll just stay broke and busy and never ever see him for the next year...
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  • may i ask what are you going to school for and im in same perdicament ugh... but well get through it
  • I was going to school for my LPN (Nursing) but since this post I've had to drop out and move room mate moved and I had nowhere to live so..yeah I'm super depressed about the whole situation...I'm job searching now..which sucks. I only had 3 quarters left but I didn't get to finish the one I was in...
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