Any law students here?

I'm a 2L right now and life is insane! Getting married November 14... trying to balance all the planning with homework, interviews, law review, outlining, etc. I don't know what I was thinking! Just wondering if anyone else here is in law school too and what year...

Re: Any law students here?

  • Hi! I am also a law student planning my wedding. I am a 3L and my life is also completely crazy! I am studying, writing my note, interviews, outlines, and wedding planning. My goal is a position in government so all of the interviews are right now. The wedding is in March so that over Spring Break we can go on some type of honeymoon. Is your wedding out of state? Mine is I am going to school in Ohio but originally from Michigan so that is where the wedding is. It is a hassle to go home for the weekend to take care of all of the planning. FH is getting his Ph.D. right now so he cannot help much either! If it wasnt for my soon to be sister-in-law I might have quit by now! Hang in there, I'm sure everything will work out
  • Hi;I'm a 2l, and my wedding is November of next year.  I have a classmate that did it a few weeks ago, some that are doing it in May, etc.  My classmates say you can survive, just keep yourself organized.  I think it will work out ok.  Almost everyone we are inviting lives in town with us, and I'm having a small wedding (40-50 guests).  My maid of honor is out of school, as is my fiance, so that helps.Let me know how the timing with a November wedding works out.  My family is already thinking I'm nuts to do one next fall, but I've convinced myself its easier than trying to plan one that is post-graduation, around bar exam, job search, etc.  Glad there are a few fellow law students on here! 
  • I am also a 2L. I am getting married March 13th. I am in school full-time and working at a law firm about 16 hours a week. It's a lot of stress...but it will all be worth it!!
  • So glad there are other Law Students here! I'm currently a 2L, getting married June 5, 2010. I want to pull my hair out. I cannot concentrate during class...i'm too busy wedding planning! In fact, I am in tax class right now! It is terrible and I can barely stand it. I guess I am just super-stressed right now and no one here at school understands.
  • I  am going to be starting law school in Fall 2010. I will be dealing with 2 babies and a wedding + school. Wow. Life......
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  • I am a 3L  graduating in May, taking the bar exam in July, and getting married at the end of September!

    Luckily, I have lots of help planning -- not to mention the fact that we are not a picky couple!  So long as it is a celebration and we are married, we will be happy!

    Good luck to the rest of you for your remaining semesters/years of law school -- get to work!!Smile
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