Tax question?

I know I'm thinking way too far into the future... but FI and I were thinking of getting married in 2011- 1 yr before I graduate. FI and I pay all of our bills ourselves... health insurance, car insurance, rent, & etc... but my parents (Although they live in OH and I'm in CT) have always just claimed me.I guess my question is... will my parents still be able to claim me as a dependent on their returns if I'm married?

Re: Tax question?

  • I don't know much about taxes but I would say no. That one sounds pretty obvious to me that's why decided to answer. Besides once you're married at some point you'll have your own dependents one would hope :) 10/10/10 Bride!!
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  • nope, they won't be able to claim you after you're married.
  • Parents can't claim you once you are married.  Was unclear if they help with your tuition.  Once married, they can not take that as a tax break-check with IRS or tax professional-I believe they can "gift" you like 10K a year and still get a break on that?
  • No, they can not claim you as a dependent if you're married.
  • I'm taking tax right now and I'm pretty sure they can't even claim you after a certain age which I think is 18....for example I'm 21 and I'm pretty sure my parents still claim me although they really shouldn't.  Only about 2% of individual tax returns get audited by the IRS though sooo I'm guessing no one ever told them to stop it.
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  • They can't claim you after you graduate college or age 22 ( I'm pretty sure this is standard for state income taxes as well). I do taxes as volunteer work in FL so I am not so sure about state specific tax returns
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