First Day?

I'm sure some of you have started classes by now. I don't start until the 7th! I'm not used to starting so late, so it's been weird seeing my friends' facebook statuses about classes.

For those who have started already, any good experiences/hilarious stories/early expectations for your semester?

Re: First Day?

  • I don't have classes anymore so I don't have any good stories.  Classes here started last week, and that seems so early to me!
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  • My first day was today... surprisingly NOTHING bad or wierd happened. It's my first semester at a new school, so I was expecting to at least get lost once... and I didn't!  So.. no funny story for me :(
  • My first day was yesterday. There has been major construction going on at school so I had a class in a building I've never been in before. Well, I couldn't find my class. It was hidden in a corner. Good thing I gave myself extra time for things like that. But overall, my first day went pretty well. My teacher is really laid back and I already made a new friend in my Bio lab.

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  • I'm going to be starting at a new school too, in a city I've been never been to, so I'm a touch nervous because I've yet to even seen my campus, haha. I move in on the first, so that gives me a week to get settled and take a tour of the campus to figure out where all my classes are. Knowing me, I'll still probably wind up in the wrong place because I've read my schedule wrong. >_<
  • Today was technically the first day of classes, I just don't have class on wednesday. I did get to be a guest speaker in one of the intro level grad school classes in our program to tell them what to expect, so that was kind of fun. I start my practicum tomorrow, and i'm super excited about that!
  • I actually finished over the summer so no cool new "first day" stories for me, no horror stories either actually. I'm not quite sure yet whether I'm going to be excited or sad.
  • I haven't started yet, but I was visting one of my undergraduate friends the other day and he told me a pretty awesome story about his new history class.

    His instructor is really old retired professor, and the first class was supposed to an introduction to World War I. She spent the whole day just talking about when her husband was in service, not really anything historical. Throughout this, she was showing a bunch of slides of images she had found and put together. At one point, before moving onto the next slide, she warns the class this next slide conains a "graphic paitning of a man being attacked by multiple tanks" and that if any of them want to look away, she doesn't blame them. She then changes to the next slide, which, very apparent to a bunch of college-aged people, is in fact not a paitning, but a screenshot from the videogame Call of Duty. This woman had no idea. Of course, no one in class knew what to make of this.

  • My first day is Wednesday...tomorrow's my last day of summer! I'm doing an online Masters though, so it'll be a different kind of 'first day.'
  • I started last week, I can already tell this semester is going to be stressful. My classes aren't really that hard but some my professors are really unorganized and don't seem to really have a plan for the semester. Oh and in one of my classes we have to work on a couple of projects with a partner and the guy I got partnered with, well he is a really nice guy but he works full time, goes to school, and has a 6 month old baby. Basically he doesn't have time to work on things outside of class which isn't his fault its just frustrating and its exactly why I don't like group projects.

    But besides the 2 of my professors that don't have their act together I really like my classes and my professors.

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