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Hi fellow brides-to be,

I'm currently in my first semester of nursing school (only 5 weeks to go!!) and I am engaged to my wonderful fiance who I've been with for almost 8 years. We got engaged New Year's Eve at midnight (what a way to start off the year!!)

I was wondering if there were any other nursing student brides out there, see how everyone is making out with their plans. Me, I haven't done any serious planning aside from getting my bridal party figured out. I'm hoping that during Winter break and Summer I can get some serious work done and actually set a date so that I can tell everyone "oh, this is when we're getting married"

I can't wait to get married!! (At this rate I might as well plan a vegas wedding, but I want it to be special because I'm only doing this one time!)

Any advice/suggestions for a cheap but classy southern NJ/Philadelphia area wedding would be wonderful!!

Happy planning!!

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    [QUOTE]I am a nursing student in a BSN program and am graduating May 2012- my last day of classes is May 1st and I am getting married June 3! It is definitely busy to do things during school, but I have all of the big things done and I am looking forward to the upcoming breaks to get a lot more done. It's not impossible! Another girl in my class is also getting married in June. I plan to take the NCLEX after getting married.
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    I finish May 3rd and I'm getting married June 2nd! :)
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    [QUOTE]Since were on the subject of nursing and wedding planning...does anyone else hate the abbreviation BM for bridesmaids??
    Posted by kdaniels29[/QUOTE]
    Ugh, yes, and STD.

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