Im new on here... but would really appreciate everyone's thoughts!

Hi everyone! I'm in my last year of grad school and my bf and I have been talking about getting married in March 2013 for a while. We're just  waiting on bf paying off some loans in order to get a ring. However, my dilemma is that my parents are pushing for me to go on and get my PhD, and are willing to pay for it. My situation though, is that I really don't want to put marriage & starting a family in the back burner for school. I feel like in order to be able to get married I'm going to need a job, as my bf's job doesn't provide enough for both of us (and working and doing the PhD won't be possible time-wise), but I also recognize that my parents offering to pay for it (even if I got married) is very generous. I guess I'm just wondering if it is a smart idea for me to put the PhD on hold for a while so I can go do other things I want more at the time because if I went ahead and got the PhD it would be at least 4 more years before a wedding. The PhD was never in my plans, but I also know it would be a good move career wise. Would doing this constitute as giving up something for a man?
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