So my FI and I are graduating in December with our undergraduate degrees (Yay!) and he has an internship this spring before going to the Master's program next year. I was looking for a job in his town and have applied and gotten calls back from jobs for the spring as well. We were planning to stay in his house, and have talked to his parents about it before and they've been fine with it. We were going to stay in his brother's room (FI's old room). But now things have changed and we can't stay there anymore, so it's just sad that we have to be apart now. Just wanted to talk about how much this sucks before the wedding.

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    to be honest..if they are giving you a free place to stay....they call the shots. If you dont want to sleep in a seperate room, then you have to look for somewhere else to live. I know it sucks (I am currently living at my parents house even though FI and i just bought a house because they are threatening to not come to the wedding/not help financially if we sleep in the same house before we get married), but whatever there reasons are...and a young daughter who they want to set an example for i think is a very valid have to respect them or pay for your own place.

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    If you're getting a job down there, it sounds like you'd be able to get your own place.  Either way, I think it would be SUPER weird to live with his family, staying in his childhood bedroom.
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    I would start looking for other places to live now. Even if you have to stay at his house for a while, I would try to get out ASAP. It almost seems like maybe they don't want more houseguests after all and they're trying to make it difficult for you to live there in FI's old house.

    Good luck with everything, the situation does sound stressful and I hope you and FI can find a way to figure it out.
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