Picking a date & graduation- advice?! Long.

I just got engaged a few days ago, but I am OCD about everything so I really want to have the date set with my church and the reception venue within the next couple of weeks. I was all set on next April and really excited about it, until my mom made the comment that maybe I should wait until September 2012 so I'm "sure" I won't be stressed about money.

I will be graduating in December 2011, and will hopefully have a job offer and start working in Jan. My fiance graduated last May and is working full time as a nurse. My parents are paying for the reception and the music. The rest is up to us, or I guess if they decide to help (which they said in the past they will), his parents.

I think we'll be fine as far as money goes. When my sister got married she had only started working full time two months before and her husband was the same way. But it's just the way I am; when someone makes a comment, I completely overthink it and now I am totally stressed, wondering if I should pick a date in Sept.

My fiance doesn't really know what to say, he's being kind of indifferent because I think he just expects his parens to pick up with mine don't pay. This is all well and good but I'm not trying to rely on that and then have them back out.

Any opinions? Sorry it's so long. Can you tell I'm stressed already? :)
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