Hi everyone!!

My name is Caitlyn, I'm a nursing student in New York. My fiance works full time (I work part time). I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else managers between school, work, and planning. It has definitely been difficult but, I'm sure there are others on here that find it more difficult (grad students, working full time...).
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Re: Hi everyone!!

  • Hi Caitlyn, I've been wondering how I'll deal with it all too. I've been out of school all summer (and just recently got engaged), so I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna be a juggling act! :) But I'm with you, I'm a full time undergrad student and I work part time, so I know it could be a lot harder.
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  • Welcome Caitlyn!  Both me and FI are in graduate school and are assistants.  I teach freshman English here at the university, and he's the lead research assistant for his department. I've done the majority of my planning during the summer to try to avoid any mid-semester meltdowns.  I do that, and I do everything by email.  I have answered catering emails at 2 am before.  You'll make it work.  When you have free time, try to get the BIG things like catering, venue selection etc. during those times.  Also, get as much help as you can from the bridal party, family, or your FI.  :)
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