College is taking my Wedding Fund!

I hate money issues. I have just a tad left of school left, but it is so hard to keep saving money for the wedding fund when I am continiously having to buy more books, projects, deposits, and more from school!

Is anyone else having this issue?! How do you deal with it?

Re: College is taking my Wedding Fund!

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    ugh. I definitely know that feeling. And I'm one of those people who get told all the time that education is more important than my wedding, and I react with a "yeah,yeah, I know".... so I know the wedding is still probably high on your financial priority list.

    Have you tried applying for a couple more scholarships to ease the burden? Or maybe even re-applying for financial aid? Even a cheap 500 dollar scholarship here or there can always help replenish the wedding budget!

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    i just had to fork over 5,000$ for my summer classes, it came from our wedding savings. lots of other people in the same boat as you!!
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