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I'm taking an online Stats class, on top off my other classes. Well I had a test tonight. Which has to be proctored which is another thing that bothers me because some of the other classes don't have to be but whatever. I haven't really been taking the class too seriously because it's called Elementray stats and I graduate in like 30 days so I don't really care about it.

So anyway the test is online and all multiple choice questions. Each question is worth 3 points! So I miss 7, which I would normally be ok with but now it's missing 21 points! And it's not out of 100, it's like 87 or some wierd number.
Serious at least let me show my work to maybe get partial credit!
Ugh. and now I have a huge anatomy test tomorrow but am so angry that I don't want to study for it. I at least know with it that multiple choice questions won't screw me over!

Re: Vent...

  • Ugh, I'm so sorry! Online classes are teh suck. Seriously, I've taken about 3-4 of them and am never doing it again.

    I don't understand why a math exam would be all multiple choice without any way to show your work. Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of the subject? There's so many little ways to mess things up, so it's vital for teachers to be able to see where you went wrong. Wtf.

    My math teacher this semester is crazy, too. Each test is worth only 10 points and each of the questions is worth, like, .25 or .5 points. I have NO idea how her grading system works. I mean, if a test is worth 10 points, how much is my daily homework worth? She won't be getting a good evaluation from me this semester!
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  • I hate online classes. I know they are really convienient, especially for someone is is working or for some other reason needs to stay at home, but there are two reasons that I am hesitant to take them. First, I am not a self-motivator, and if I can put things off, I will. I had a horrible experience with taking an online computer class in HS. I don't know how your class is structured, but if there arn't speciffic deadlines for something, I will not do it. That's just how my mind works haha. Second, it's just really hard for me to learn something by myself, especially if it's math related. It's easier for me to learn something if someone explains it to me and than I read it, rather than if I just read it. I guess I'm more of a verbal learner.

    Good luck with your class- hope everythng goes well! A multiple choice math test would be difficult.. Im sorry.Undecided Congrats on your graduation!!
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  • I have never taken an online class, but I'm having trouble understanding how there would be a proctor for an online exam.  Can someone explain this?

    I also think that it would be difficult to take any kind of math class online, since in many cases showing your work is a big part of answering the question, and a way to get partial credit.  However, there are math sections on the SAT, ACT, GRE, and state standardized tests, so it's not completely unheard-of and maybe it works for introductory classes.

    Don't let this affect your studying for the anatomy test.  You said yourself that you didn't put a lot of effort into this class, so the last thing you want to do is make that same mistake for another class and be disappointed again with your performance.  Compartmentalize - forget about this exam, and focus on this next one so that it doesn't snowball.  I know it's hard to focus sometimes when graduation is so close, but you can get through these next 30 days!
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  • Sorry about that :(

    I took a lot of online classes when I was at the community college. Everything from Stress Management (complete joke of a class) to Stats. And I LOVED them. They were so much easier and I had no problem learning material. But that's just me and I realize I'm totally in the minority on that one.

    I have no idea how an online test can be proctored, though...

    And just because it's called Elementary Stats doesn't make it simple. That's the first level and it's called that because there's Statistics classes that involve Calculus.

    GL on your anatomy exam!
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