Am I the only one...

Okay, after the first few weeks of classes I'm begining to wonder if I'm the only person who takes classes that are hard for me but I think I will be useful over classes that fulfil the same requirement but are easy "A"s.  I'm not talking about fun classes, I'm talking genuinely hard and somewhat unexciting classes that will help later in my career.

What do you think?  Would you take a hard class because you think it will be helpful, or would you take a dull but easy class if it fulfilled the requirement?

I'm taking a class right now that is kicking my ass, but I have an "Ah ha!" moment every single lecture and I think the professor is genuinely interested in making us understand the topic.  We read recent molecular medicine articles and analyze the science and then have to write something like how we could have shown this in 1990 (with completely different technology), what we might do differently and why, how this is helpful to drug development and what else we need to know first, and/or explain the point of a procedure used in the paper that we don't use anymore so don't know about.  A bunch of my classmates droped this class in favor of one that they have to read a paper a month instead of three papers a week, and there are exams instead of analysis papers.

Re: Am I the only one...

  • If i'm paying that much money for school, I am going to take classes that offer me what I want besides the easy A.  I always tried to take classes that were interesting and good for my career decision.  I regret the gen eds I took since I got very little out of them.  I love the classes that I feel I get something out of.  I hate classes that I have to take and I hate not putting effort into my classes. 

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  • Some of my general ed requirements wont help with my career at all. so yeah I take the easier classes because the classes im taking for my major kick my butt all on thier own. Its not that I dont want to learn all that I can its just that I dont want a class that I dont really need in the long run to affect me in a class that is more important.
  • i had very little leeway in undergrad for padding my schedule, so i took a couple of easy classes along the way.  mostly because the required classes for my major were total hell and grad schools didn't care, and I needed to bolster my GPA somehow  :p
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  • See, I often take hard classes that are interesting, and then they become easy As. but I'm talking about classes that are hard AND not interesting enough to motivate you to do extra work, but that are truely helpful to take even if you fail them.

    Moshi's Paw: I think I'm in the same boat, a bit.  I don't have many gen eds, so all my classes are hard science.  17 credit hours of upper-level molecular biology, physics, chemistry, and calculus will kick anyone's ass!
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    [QUOTE] My favorite professors have been the ones that everyone else seems to hate.
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  • A mix of both.  The English classes I took were as easy as possible because I couldn't afford B's on my vet school App and I am terrible at eloquent writing.  I actually wish I could have taken more history and art classes because I would like to learn more about it, however it would have killed my GPA so I couldn't afford to.  
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  • Somehow I missed this when it was posted!  In undergrad I didn't have a lot of room in my schedule - all of the stupid fluffy requirements were going to be easy A's regardless (we had a 'human diversity' and a 'natural and fabricated worlds' requirement...) and I tried to pick those based on what was most interesting and didn't worry about whether there were a lot of exams, or the professor was hard, or whatever. 

    Once I got those out of the way, I had room for a couple of electives, and all of the ones I chose were graduate-level chemistry electives.  I wanted to get as much out of my ridiculously expensive education as I could, and I wanted to take advantage of some of the great faculty my school had to offer.  Turns out I don't need any of that stuff for graduate school, but I didn't know at the time where my specialty would lie and I'm still glad I did it even though it kicked my butt. 
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  • I agree with andrews girl and moshi.  When I was taking Organic Chem and Bio at the same time, I took crap classes otherwise.  Anthropology, Ethics, etc.  I don't see the point in challenging myself in a field that doesn't even matter to my major.  I already think it's stupid that I had to take a "comparative cultures" class, why would I take one that was difficult?  Plus, when you're taking classes that are virtually impossible to get As in, seeing an A occasionally helped improve my attitude =)
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  • Lindseroo- I wish I had just done a normal 4-year thing and could do that!  This is my fourth semester of having at least four hard science classes like Ochem /bichem, genetics of cancer/molecular bio/ cellular stress response/developmental bio, and physics/math.  I just don't have any core left, and 17 hours of hard classes just means I'm happy to see a B+, forget an A!

  •   I'm taking an online class called Bankruptcy and Collections for my paralegal degree. Everyone has said it's a hard class, and boring. I thought that maybe everyone was wrong. Even though I'm making an A right now, the class is tough. I now know I'm not going to be bankruptcy paralegal.
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