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Which scenario would you choose?

1. Cram classes in this summer, fall, and next spring to graduate college May of 2011. I am right on track with 3 classes (9 hrs) this summer, and 6 classes (18 hrs) for Fall and next Spring. This makes me a little nervous because if I don't make the grades or a class isn't offered that I need it will push graduation back, and I will have crammed/stressed all for me not to graduate when I want. The most I've ever taken in a semester is 5 classes (15 hrs).
The reasons I would WANT to do this, is because I would REALLY like to graduate before the wedding. In this scenario I would get married Fall of 2011, and that way I wont have to stress about exams or graduation so close to the wedding, or missing class for the honeymoon. 

2. Spread classes out to only a few a semester, and graduate Fall of 2011. In this scenario I would get married Spring of 2011, but would have class around the wedding and would have to worry about scheduling around those days and exams and missing class for the honeymoon. Really don't like the idea of stressing about school when I'm about to become a wife! Also don't enjoy of pushing graduation back yet another semester. I would get to have the wedding sooner though and wouldn't have to stress over taking so many classes at a time.

Cram classes, graduate on time (HOPEFULLY), then get married a little later and not stress about school around the wedding.
Spread classes out, get married sooner, but push back graduation and have to schedule wedding stuff around classes.
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Re: Which scenario would you choose?

  • HinajHinaj
    Ditto PP.  Don't cram classes.  I have spent a year taking 18 Credits each semester and it was not pretty.  And I was not even planning a wedding.  There will be too much on your plate.  Can you handle that much stress?  School? Wedding Planning? Are you doing alot of DIY projects for the wedding?  If you are that is more time, energy and stress?  But in the end, only you know how much you can handle? 
  • This is hard to answer.  My knee jerk reaction was to say go ahead and cram them.  9hrs really isn't that bad for the summer.  Its 2 classes one session and one the other.  And 18rhs doesn't really sound bad to me anymore (vet school has skewed my vision).  BUT I know 18hrs is a lot and can be very stressful, not to mention wedding planning.  

    Is there any way you could take classes next summer as well so you finish in Aug? then you could take like 9-15-15-6? then you could still get married in the Fall- after you graduate, but you can spread out classes a little bit.  
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  • I can tell you I've taken 18 hours two semesters. Honestly, school was so stressful I could barely handle my job. And those semesters, I went from making all A's to all B's except for one C. So, I would never reccomend that for anyone. This year, wedding planning by itself has been just as stressful as the 18 hour class load. So, I say do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES try to cram everything in.

    I'l also say, though, I'm having a spring wedding. I'm doing it in May. Now, I don't know about your school, but my last day of finals is May 8. I've got an entire two weeks of no school before the wedding (on the 22nd) and I've got a week and a half before my summer classes start up. So, if your school is anything like mine, a spring wedding won't be as complicated as you think it'll be.

    Plus, do you REALLY want to wait all that extra time and get married in fall? I wish I would have agreed to the December wedding like my fiance suggested. Trust me: you'll regret it if you wait longer than you have to.
  • hmm...

    i say spread it out!  get married!  and ENJOY life!  cramming classes is soo hard (and soo much freaking work) i do not wish it on anyone...but i've been there too.

    it'll all work out. 
  • I think I'm going to say what everyone else is, don't cram your classes, you don't want to make it any harder to graduate than it already is. I'm graduating this year and waiting till next year to get married. Don't cram! 
  • Cram if you can handle it. I am getting married May of next year in the break. I am taking 15 this summer, 14 fall, 17 spring, then 9 next summer. I did 18 this semester and it wasn't so bad. One of which was Orgo 2 and I have an A YAY! And I am a life and biomedical sciences major and a chemistry minor so my classes aren't easy by any means. Just try and balance everything out. Like take 2 hard 2 easy or "buffer classes" as I like to call them and 1 moderate. Oh and LOTS of prioritizing. Wedding always has to come in the spare time unfortunately. But if you think you can handle it go for it. 
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    Well i am in the same boat pretty much I taking 6 classes each quarter  which equal out to be 24 credit hours.. we go by 3 quarters ( tri semesters) at my college  ..so i completed 18 classes in one year and i am SOOO not the school student and i always struggled through highschool and college but i am passing every class with As and Bs and even though it takes up my life!  I do not regret doing it just so i can graduate THIS May and get married NEXT August ...so much easier  and less stressful bcuz i wanted to get married this May but with all my classes there was no way i could figure out how to do that plus plan a wedding ..trust me finish school then get married it makes it so much less stressful plus you can get alot done by the time its your wedding day inbetween school and homework =) I have about more then half  done with planning and i still have a whole year left
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