17 days out & its finals week!

Is anyone else having a winter wedding and totally overwhelmed?

I find myself worrying about my finals, my job, and our wedding now. We've budgeted very carefully and I've talked with my boss several times about my situation, but all of a sudden he hates me and has decreased my hours from 40-45 a week to just twenty.

Now we're trying to apply fast for a credit card. I'm not worried about paying it off as I'll be able to do that with the tuition return thing and there's always tax returns, but does anyone have any other ideas?

I'm so worried that I'll forget something! Either a paper deadline or an airport pickup!
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Re: 17 days out & its finals week!

  • Breathe. 

    It'll be fine.

    If you can't get a credit card, is there any way you could borrow money from family? You said you'd be able to pay it off no problem, and as long as you do so, that might be your easiest route. 

    Make a calendar. Put school stuff in one color, Put wedding stuff in another color. Put work stuff in another color. Put absolutely everything you have to do on the calendar. It will help to get everything out of your head and onto paper. 

    Take another deep breath. You will be fine. 
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  • Yeah we've got the calender && it is our favorite tool. I also called my mom and without me even asking she volunteered to help.

    I just had a panic night : )

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  • For me, it's 13 days out and I have four papers to write and a final exam between now and next Thursday (the 13th).  I feel your pain.
  • I graduated this past weekend which was stressful in itself. I am sending vibes for all you ladies still with exams/papers left. 

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