Back to school :(

School starts this week and I just cannot seem to find any motivation to get myself back into school mode. I usually go get new school supplies and get those and my new books all organized but being so busy haven't been able to. I just don't feel ready at all to take on this semester and wedding planning and everything on top of that.

How do you guys get back into school mode after breaks?

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Re: Back to school :(

  • I remember why I am going back to school in the first place. Not super helpful advice, but it motivates me enough for the first week. And to me the first week is the worst!

    Good luck with school this week! I start back next week, blah.


  • I dont go back til September 5th. I honestly cannot wait to go back. I am over working full time this summer (though I will miss fulltime paycheques!). I am basically cramming every possible working hour I can in order to help pay off the wedding. Bring on the school work!
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    [QUOTE]I dont go back til September 5th. I honestly cannot wait to go back. I am over working full time this summer (though I will miss fulltime paycheques!). I am basically cramming every possible working hour I can in order to help pay off the wedding. <strong>Bring on the school work!</strong>
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  • I don't go back until Sept 4 and I am so ready for it as well. I am over being a waitress and at school I have a desk job. My thinking is the sooner this starts the sooner I can get it over with and get married!
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  • I start on Monday so I know how you are feeling!  I have one year to go so that is my motivation!  I also remind myself that once I get back into the swing of things, it seems to go by fairly quickly!
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  • I agree that remembering why you are in school helps motivate you to get back into the swing of schooling. I start back on Thursday. I am only in my second semester of grad school taking one class each semester, and I will have no breaks for the next three semesters since I will be taking summer school next year so I can take next fall semester off when we go to Disney World for our honeymoon next October. It is hard to get back into the swing of things for school. Last semester we bought a house while I was doing my first grad class, so that was tough. This semester won't be too bad since most of the wedding planning is done until crunch time next semester when the wedding approaches in March. After so many years of only school, it is odd to work full time, plan a wedding and life, and do school. But they all help towards buildig our future, so it is worth it.
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  • I start school tomorrow morning. My FI and I are attending a friend's wedding on Friday and my sister is getting married this Monday, so suffice to say I am going to be mad crazy this weekend. I'm having the hardest time motivating myself to finish school. I know I just need to focus and push through so I can walk away with my degree in May.
  • I know exactly how you feel, I start school Monday. I have my books already but no desire to attend classes. I just keep in mind I will be done soon and when I'm done I will have a great job. That's what helps me. 
  • I am DREADING school too!  I'm in law school and actually enjoyed 1L and 2L year a lot.  But now I"m so over it and just want to wedding plan on Pinterest.  I just bought 12 gigantic law books and now I have 13 weeks to read them all, no no no this sucks.  I feel your pain OP!
  • Classes started yesterday and it was just as bad as I expected it would be. I was there from 830am-10pm when should have been done at 430. One class ran almost an hour long trying to figure out stuff for a year long project that we had to basically decide on yesterday possibly determining our future careers in engineering.

    And found out have 7 group projects on top of that this semester and I hate group projects soo much. No one ever doesywhat they say they will on time and its just unessecary stress to have to let part of grade depend on someone elses work ethic. I get that have to learn to work with people in real life but in a real job if they don't get their part done then their fired, in school if they dont I fail, definitely not the same. /rant

    Even though the semester is going to be stressful, i feel more motivated now that have gone to class. And thanks PP who reminded me I also only have a year left so good motivation to make sure to stay on top of things so I dont have to stay in school any longer!

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    What type of engineering are you doing? I did electrical, mechanical, and civil with my focus being in civil. Now I am going to grad school for systems engineering. We did a lot of group projects during my undergrad since our program was hands on and project based. It was stressful, but the best possible way to learn how to deal with what the real world is like. It is a myth that if people don't do their part they will get fired. You will be surprised at how many second chances people get. It is kind of sad, but when you start to factor in that you are dealing with people's lives and not just their grades, it becomes harder to get rid of them after one mistake; although, that may depend on how big the mistake is.
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  • That's exactly what motivates me, Sj. I remember why I am in school in the first place - to make a better life for myself and my fiance so that shortly after we're married we can hopefully get a house. I'm in nursing school so I do feel your pain but power through & then you're that much closer to getting married!
  • @brianna: I'm mechanical engineer with an emphasis and thermal systems. All years up until now were all theoretical, calculations classes and then senior year is all classes with projects to apply that knowledge which I know will be great way to learn. I just wish there had been some spreading out of the projects instead of so many in one semester. The way the prereqs and coreqs are you pretty much have to take all of these classes at the same time.
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  • That is how most engineering schools are, mostly theory and end with the applied. That's why I chose the program at ASU Polytechnic since you get to learn and apply during the whole program. With group projects it is important to have a clear plan from the start and make sure eveyone knows what their assignments are, but be prepared to pick up the slack if you care most about the grade.
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  • I started back last Wednesday.  It helps to think how this is my last year.  And it's a lot crazier than I thought it'd be with classes and homework and reading, plus working as much as possible to pay for wedding and moving costs.  

    I enjoy taking one night out a week to either just hang out with my FI at my place or to go out to one of his fraternity's parties with him.  Both are great stress relievers.
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