XP: NWR: Awesome Birthday Present!

I'm so excited!!!!! So I'm in a long distance relationship with my FI and haven't seen him in 3 months, and I just opened my birthday present from him- it's a hoodie from his school, which at first I thought was nice but no big deal, in fact, it's too big for me because it's an XXL in men's, I would need either a men's L or maybe XL. Then I smelled it. HE HAS BEEN WEARING IT and it smells like his... whatever- cologne/bodywash/deodorant/natural manliness. 
This may sound super stupid, but that just totally made this go from a crappy birthday to a much better birthday. I can't go running up to all my college friends being like, "HERE'S HOW MY FI SMELLS" and shove a sweatshirt in their faces without either being creepy or crazy, so I figured I would express my excitement here. Thanks for hearing me out. :) 
Anyone else understand the LDR? The smell thing? Or am I completely nuts? 
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