Save the Dates are out! Quick Question!

YAY!!! Once your save the dates went out did you hear from people about if they were going to the wedding or not? I feel like if you knew in advance that you couldn't make it that you would let the couple know. I wasn't sure though. We have A LOT of out of towners! Thanks, girls!

Re: Save the Dates are out! Quick Question!

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    gavinma17gavinma17 member
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    We didn't really hear whether or not people from out of town were actually coming to the wedding.  I would say it was about half and half...the one half being international guests and the other being guests who lived in the States. You won't know for sure until you get the response cards from everyone, but those who have to make travel arrangements in advance usually ask about accommodations and the like.  HTH!
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    ayamm1123ayamm1123 member
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    unfortunately you very seldom hear anything one way or another until the invites go out and responses come back like PP said.  I only hear - "got the STD, they are pretty!" for the most part.  I too used the hotel room block as guidance of what OOT were coming prior to the invites going out. 
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