Move the date or stick it out?

Long story short- when I chose my wedding date (Dec 9) my school calendar said that it would be the Friday of finals week.  Not a big deal, I will be in my next to last semester, so over half my credits will be in internships and I shouldn't have finals on Thursday or Friday in my other classes, so we booked our honeymoon for the next week. 
Well, since then, the university has moved the semester start back one week, so that now, my wedding date falls on the Friday of dead week.  I'm starting to freak out now, wondering if I will be able to take any finals I have at the beginning of dead week and then miss all of finals week on our honeymoon. Has anyone else had any experience with asking professors to be able to take finals early(for any reason)? And does anyone think they will consider my own wedding an excused absence? 
 We already have the church deposit paid, the reception hall booked and paid, our photographer deposit has been paid, and we have sent out STD's.  If we move the wedding we will lose $500 from the reception hall and $450 from the photographer because both are booked every friday and saturday in December. 
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