great find for students!

i dont know how many of you know about but i just found it this semester and i rented my books for sooo cheap - i believe my total was $32 for 3 books!!! and they plant a tree for every book you sell.  :-D (thats the hippy in me)

anyway, they're doing an extra 5% off when you use this code -  CC118044

just thought i'd give you guys a heads up!  help us save $$ for the wedding, hehe!

Re: great find for students!

  • Heck yeah! Chegg is awesome- I have used them for 2 semesters and it is so much cheaper to rent the few books I need than buy them.
    I rented a 150.00$$ book this semester for about 30$!
    To return them, you don't even pay shipping-- you print a little label off the website and just mail it back :)
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  • I was wondering how they worked.  Sounds easy enough to do.  Thanks Ladies!
  • dang! that would have been nice in undergrad!!!  Unfortunately its no dice now :(
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  • I know. I wish I knew about them like...4 years ago. When I was a freshman and took all those gen eds.
    Now I'm in mostly studio art classes, and most of them have no required text when I go to school. I could have probably saved a ton of money, and shelf space from books I can't sell back to the school or on eBay.
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  • That's a pretty nifty idea.  I'm not sure how much it would have helped me, since I only had a few classes where I didn't want to keep the book (and it was usually stupid little paperbacks anyway!), but I could definitely see it saving money for other people!
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  • In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:684Discussion:4874b28f-7183-4622-b00a-c28fe8d7aa94Post:e65eabd8-ce0a-48a1-aa0a-28ebc05af2d7">Re: great find for students!</a>:
    [QUOTE]dang! that would have been nice in undergrad!!!  Unfortunately its no dice now :(
    Posted by aggiebug[/QUOTE]

    I agree!
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  • Hello =) I'm pretty new to the boards thing

    and I am so sad I didn't know about before my quarter started... There's always spring quarter, thanks for the tip!
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  • That's amazing. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

    I found out about them about a year ago when I only had one more class left.
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