So I got bored and made a blog. I wonder what he'll think?

I am a math student and am so ready to graduate. So instead of doing my homework, I made a blog for the future. I am not sure what to tell my fiance. I think he is ok with it, but I don't want him to feel like his privacy is invaded. 


Re: So I got bored and made a blog. I wonder what he'll think?

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    How would he feel about your sharing those details with your friends?  People you work with?  People you just met?  Strangers?  You should ask, because he might feel really violated, and is it worth that?  Also, if he is ok with it what is the harm in asking, and if he isn't, do you really want to do that to him?

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    My FI was less than enthused that I started a blog.  His only problem with it really was that he didn't want me putting pictures on it.  So, I limited the pictures I put on it and try to keep it at pictures that aren't of the two of us, or of him specifically.  I call us by our first names, but I don't name anyone else that we know (generally speaking).  I have a link to my blog on my facebook too, so family and friends can read it and I never write about anything too personal as a result.

    I think it is important to keep his privacy the way he wants it, but I also think that you can certainly blog if you want to.  I would keep his opinions in mind, and think about how much you really want to share with others about yourself.
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    Considering that one of your posts was entirely about your FI, yeah, you should tell him. Goodness, you even refer to him in the title of your blog! If he's truly okay with it, as you believe, then there's no harm in asking him about it.

    However, remember that you're writing about him to total strangers. Maybe he's okay with that. Maybe he's not. Maybe he's okay with certain limits. No matter what his preference is, don't go any further with this blog until you ask him about it. 
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    Thanks for the advice! I think I am going to make it private for now and see what he is ok with.
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    I would feel weird if FI made a blog about our lives and didn't tell me.

    If I were you I would tell him. 
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    I really think you need to talk to him about it. Since he seems to be a fairly major part of it, he should know about it and maybe even have some input. If he's not OK with it, it's better that he knows about it now rather than him finding out later. That's just not fair to him, and you should respect his opinion on the matter. And on the flip-side, if he is cool with it, he might have some neat input for you.
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