unsure what to do

This is my first post on this board. 

Im 20 and trying to go BACK to school. But theres some problems. 1. Ive had to drop out twice, once cus i couldnt get enough fin aid to cover costs, and then agian cus the job id had at the time would not schedule me around my classes and threatened to fire me if i refused to come in when I was called in. 2. Im pregnant, the babys due in late september so ill be a month into classes by the time she comes. 3. Were moving to chicago next summer, after the wedding. 

Ive decided i want to go back to school. i want my associates in early childhood education. ive got some classes under my belt for that degree, but its getting harder and harder to go back. I need to go back to school so i can get a better job to support my family, were ucrrently on a gross income of 1200$/month so were in desperate need and governmetn help is just not working. 

ive talked to my fin aid advisor and shes helping me get as much fin aid as i can being that im considered an independent dependent (on my own but relying on anothers income). 

heres what i need help with: my stepmom and stepsister keep tellling me i should wait till the spring, cus the baby is gonna be a big time consumer. Im signing up for all online classes. so i wont be going into class all the time. maybe once in a while to do info or research i cant do in my personal library. my parents live literally 5 minutes away, and alot of my friends want to babysit already. plus ive just gotten into the headstart program in my county that provides free daycare to only 15 people. (i got really lucky with that). and they provide free diapers and formula while they are actually in the building. and theyll play taxi if i need it, i jsut need to let them know a lil in advance. i ahve my FI half the day so when hes here i can work on my classes while hes being a dad. Ive done internet classes before so i know i can do it no problem, and i know that a baby is a big thing and takes alot but seriously, ive been babysitting newborns for 14 hr days for years. i was more of a parent to those kids than their own parents. i know what it requires, i know how hard it is. thats why i need this degree so i can give her a better life than what i had. 

i jsut need advice on whether i shoudl wait or just go ahead for te fall. i have everything i need, but the stepfamily is jsut so pushy. im still gettin crap for droppin out the first time. sorry if i dont wanna be like you and 200k$ in debt. 
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