Help! Opinions? FI getting accepted to medical school make setting date tough...

Alrighty, so here is the situation:

FI and I got engaged on May 28th. I leave Sunday (June 19th) for a 2 year commitment as a Teach for America corps member. FI has one year left of his undergrad before applying to medical school. We won't get married until I'm done with TFA in June of 2013. I was hoping for a fall 2013 wedding--end of Oct. perhaps... problem is I'll be paying for much of this and I'd really like to set a definitive date and get working on things since I'll need a good chunk of time to get everything in order, plan from CT when we'll be getting married at home in AZ... etc.

The issue:
David will most likely find out in March 2013 if he is in for medical school. If he isn't accepted and needs to re-apply or IS accepted to the University of Arizona (our alma maters and school in our home town) everything is all fine and dandy. We can plan away. BUT if he is accepted out of state things get weird. He won't decline because medical school is SO hard to get into.

The options:

1) Set date now. Start planning. In March 2013 if he gets into a program outside AZ prep for him to leave and come back to get married in Oct. Yes, he'll miss a little school and honey moon will be postponed, but oh well.

2) Wait until March 2013 to set date and really start to plan. Throw together the wedding in 6-8 months depending on date. This way we could choose a date based off of his school schedule.

3) This option isn't totally fleshed out, but we could shoot for a date which would over lap with winterbreak for most schools. This puts us smack dab in the middle of the holidays, but I suppose we could get a honeymoon deal for less given the time of year.

Thought? Idea? Opinions? My biggest conern is that if I'm not able to really dig into planning now all my big hopes and dream for my wedding won't end up happening. I'm a planner and I need to time to figure it all out. On a teacher's salary I just DO NOT see everything coming together last minute even if I do save along the way.

Blah :( FI isn't totally sold on any of it and doesn't really seem to into the planning thing. He's not much of a planner and is so busy with summer school (ochem. ick!) that he's hoping I'll suggest the best option and he'll go for it.
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