moving the wedding up... need advice

So this isn't student related, but I lurk around this board most often and feel like you guys could give me some ideas.

Our original wedding date was March 3, 2012, and we are planning on moving in with each other August of this year. Because of some pressure from both sets of parents (living together before marriage-ness) we are moving the wedding to August of this year to avoid any harsh feelings (which is an ordeal all its own).

My real dilemma here is for our March wedding, our colors were emerald and silver. Our theme was a celtic/clover kind of theme, because FI is super Irish.

I need some ideas of how to alter this theme for the new August wedding... I'd like to keep at least the emerald and the celtic... but it just doesn't seem to fit with August :( Any thoughts, ideas, or advice?

March 3, 2012
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