Anyone out student teaching or will be?

So I'm in the middle of my vocal music ed student teaching right now, I'll be done and GRADUATED in 4 weeks!

I'm at a high school teaching a music appreciation class, group voice lessons (two a day), music theory and 2 choirs (one of them is a select group) during the day and one after school. This month is definitely crunch time - our choral concert is on the 15th, auditions for the musical are the week after next, and we have a Holiday fundraiser/show next Monday.

Is anyone else currently student teaching or will be soon?
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Re: Anyone out student teaching or will be?

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    I love seeing how different school and different major do their student teaching. I did 2 semesters junior year of being in an elementary school (1 1/2 hours of teaching, assisting and observing) and now I'm in my 5th week of 9 weeks (it =8 weeks once you count all the vacations in November) of full time student teaching.

    misssunshine, the dance student teaching sounds awesome! I'm a terrible dancer, haha!
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    I'm student teaching in the fall in an elementary school. I'm doing 55 hours of in school observation this semester and 110 next semester.
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    Today I officially finished my full time 16 week internship in a kindergarten classroom and absolutely loved it!! I don't want to have to go back to my last semester of classes in January!! My program does it where you have a 30 hour day care placement, 4 60 hour elementary placements, and then an intensive reading program placement in undergrad. In the masters year you have a full time internship.

    It's been completely amazing and rewarding! I'm so ready for my own classroom!!!
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    I am student teaching right now and loving it!  I'm gonna miss those kids so much!!! 10 days until GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy student teaching it will fly by and good luck to all on the job hunt!!!!

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    I was in a fifth grade classroom doing math and social studies this semester, and in the spring I'll be in a 7th grade math classroom doing more student teaching!  Then I'll graduate in May and hopefully find a job for the fall.  Best of luck!
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    I won't be student teaching until Fall 2013 (I'm a semester behind).  I know I've got a while before then, but I'm so excited for it!  I know it's going to be ridiculously stressful, but from what I've been told, it's also going to be an extremely invaluable experience (and besides--I'll have my hubby waiting for me when I get home)
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