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Hello future brides!I just got engaged August 19 2009! It was awsome!We were in Myrtle Beach Sc and he took me for a walk on the beach and we wrote messages in the sand and his said "will you marry me"!!!! he was standing behind me and when i turned around he was down on one knee with the ring! yay!My wedding day isn't until Oct 15 2011. What i was wanting to know is is there anything I should be doing right now? We have kinda discussed somethings such as the time of year we wanted to have it and the colors. But as of right now I don't see a point in really doing flowers or booking things just yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!

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    Hi!! Welcome and Congrats! We are in the same boat as you, having a 2+ year engagement! You don't need to book anything right now, but the sooner you do it, you will be sure to get the hall you want, church, photographer and all the other stuff. If you need any help w/ vendors shoot me an email and I can send you our list. My name is Jen and my email is jenya724@yahoo.com! Happy Planning!
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    congratulations! we also have a long engagement (slowly getting shorter! woo! haha) with getting engaged july 10th 2008, and getting married july 10th 2010! let me say something though, we looked at venues and photographers immediately (our 2 most important vendors) and once we found who we liked, we booked them 23 months out. haha, sounds crazy, but if you are POSITIVE in what you want, book it. but i mean POSITIVE. we did a lot of research, and we still wouldnt change any of our choices to this day :) info in my bio for the vendors we are using. good luck! enjoy the long engagement! it comes REALLY in handy when finding the best deals on things (not only for decor, etc, but if you book vendors early, you get locked in at those prices!), and if you are a big DIY bride, you have loads of time to make every project perfect! :D
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    Welcome!  Congratulations.  The biggest things for now are to think concepts/colors/ideas and start saving.  The first things to figure out is budget, like a total dollar figure you do not/can not go over, followed closely by guest list/size which combined with your budget with give you an idea of how much per person you can spend on meals, drinks, chair/table/linen rentals, etc.  Make sure you account for photography, flowers, favors, and other misc costs that are not so much "per guest" too.Have fun and enjoy being engaged for a while.
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