wedding in 7 months, no jobs, and now can't work in IL until Quinn gets his head out of his butt!

Ugh sorry ladies. I am very angry! My future hubby graduated in May with a Bach in Criminal Justice (going to be a police officer). Paid 40,000 for that pretty piece of paper he cannot even use now! Mr. Quinn (and advisors im sure) decided to SHUT DOWN the Police Academy in IL!!!! (in each state a police officer needs to be certified by the state in which he/she works in-varies but ususally is around 12 weeks and 5,000buck  to complete or more).

So he is stuck making a little more than minimum wage, working 2 jobs at random places (50 hours a week), trying to pay off his student loans and save for us.he is always tierd and so stressed. :( know he feels he needs to provide for us and all but I need some more help/tips on how to help him realize we are just starting out and it will be hard for a while, but for right now, the bare minimun is fine!!! We are healthy, have family, and minimun wage is better then no job right! And it doesn't help I am not done with college until May 14th (graduation) and then have to complete a full 40 hour a week UNpaid internship! I feel horrible.

So now he is looking into the military so that he knows we will be OK with money and a place to live when we get married. Every male in my family is or was in the military, and i just reallly didn't want that to be an option. I told him I support him in whatever he wants though. So our choices are, move  away from everyone when I graduate May 14th because as of right now he cannot work in IL, or move far far away for the airforce. :( ugh
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