I'm going stir-crazy.

This is the first summer in years where I've not had summer classes or work.
Classes ended on the 28th of last month, I got great grades after I had thrown myself into them for that month, our wedding was on the 30th, it was awesome, our mini-moon was two nights, and then I came back, did all the thank-you's. 
The father of the family I nanny for has a lot of time of this month, so they don't need me to be there.
I've cleaned out my closet, cleaned the house, planned the snot out of our big Cancun honeymoon in August, made plans with my friends almost every weekend, watched all the Hulu shows I can take...

Basically, I'm so used to being a student, I don't know what to do with myself right now.  No tests, papers, projects.  I realized this morning that I was looking forward to going back to school in a month :(

Is anybody else out of classes right now? What the heck do you do with yourself if not wedding planning?

Re: I'm going stir-crazy.

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    I know how you feel, mostly because before I went to college I'd go to camp and the summer after I graduated I worked at a camp all summer. Last summer I worked for my dad and wanted to die I was so bored and sick of him. This summer, not even a job and I've finished my traveling for the summer. I've already ordered my textbooks but I still have a month and a half to go! I basically sit at home, watch Bones on Netflix, and knit Christmas presents for my family until FI gets off work. Stupid job market in my area pretty much prevents anyone who hasn't been working the same job since they were 16 from finding work.
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    I'm out of class currently.  And working part-time.  Mostly I just work, lay out and tan, or hang out with my FI.  He's currently working and taking a summer class.  I'm ready for school to start back so I can move into my off-campus apartment.  

    We're trying to get as much wedding-related stuff done before school starts back as possible, so that's keeping me somewhat busy.
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    I had classes this summer, but Im on break now and work is slow. Obviously, I now have time to visit TheKnot! If I wasn't in class or working all summer or planning a wedding... I don't know what Id do with myself! Pinterest probably, and get inspired to organize the house some more :]
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