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I am wondering if you are supposed to send out Graduation announcments for college if the student (myself!) is older. I will be graduating in December and I'll be 26. I know my parents sent them out for my older sister but, she was 21 when she graduated and was still living at home. I don't live at home and I don't know if it's weird to send them out for myself? I just don't want people to think "Wow, she's just begging for money" nor do I want to make people think I am bragging. I just want to send them out soon because I have out of state family who might want to come out for the occasion.

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  • People aren't obligated to send money just because they get an announcement, its not like your including a registry lol. I would send them because sounds like you know it is something you family would like to get and I would include grad photo so they also get a recent picture of you(I know my family likes to get those). its celebrating your achievment and sharing it with the people close to you.
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  • Send them. I was 24 when I graduated from college the first time, and let me tell you it was still huge to my family. Just because you're older does not diminish your accomplishments. 

    No one has to send you money, and in this economy don't expect they will at all, but sharing your pride and excitement with loved ones is totally acceptable. You did just earn a college degree! 
  • Thanks ladies. Good points! I definitely do not expect any money from it, and I would rather family spend money on traveling to visit for the occasion than to go out and buy a gift.
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  • senf them!! graduating is an accomplishment regardless of age. (remember the 85 yr old that graduated-then went on to get more degrees) btw i will be 31 when i graduate and i sure as hell am sending out announcements! :)
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