Help!  I need some insight and perspective because I am having a HUGE amount of difficulty figuring out a wedding date/timeline. 

My FI became engaged in late May.  At first we decided on a July 2012 wedding b/c I am graduating in December with my masters in education (aka I am student teaching AND working until then)and I felt it would be too stressful to try and do the nitty gritty of wedding planning in ~6months (Dec-July) since in the fall I will be 'working' 7am-9pm, M-F. 

However, I got a little excited (more than i ever thought I would!) about wedding planning and in the 2 months since the engagement, we have the venue, menu, caterer and colors all picked and I have already been dress shopping and have a good idea of what I want.  FI and several close friends/family think we should just go for next July instead of waiting. 

I thought about it and the more I think I wonder if there will ever really be a 'stress-free/less stressful' time in my life because after this I will need to job search and then I will start teaching which means getting together my curriculum etc. 

Any thoughts?  I need some un-biased opinions!  Thanks!

Re: Timeline...

  • I agree. You've already got the "worst" parts of planning over with, so why not just go for it? Like everyone else said, you'll never be completely stress free. If it's not school, it'll just be your job that keeps you busy, so why wait?
  • I am currently working on my MSW (finished my first yera and have one more left) so like you, I am going to school full time and at my internship when not in class.  We are a little more than half way through our 2 year engagement and having this much time was perfect for me.  BUT only YOU know how you can work best. 

    My best friend had a 9 month engagement and every time I talked with her on the phone she would tell me that you need a year to plan a wedding and she didn't have a year.  She and I are a lot a like so I chose a long engagement because I like to be able to step away from stress for periods of time and felt that it would be too much for me to accomplish in a year.  Again, YOU are the only one who knows YOU best.  Is your wedding going to be big?
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  • I am in a similar situation as well!  I just got engaged in May, and we are getting married next June.  I am student teaching during both semesters of my senior year and graduating in May.  I know that I won't have a whole lot of time to plan while student teaching, so I am getting as much as I can done before the fall semester starts.  I am also aiming to have pretty much everything done by the end of December/beginning of January. 

    Anyway, I feel like I can do it, and it seems like you're already on the right track to getting married next summer.  I sure wouldn't be able to wait to get married by 2012, but it's really up to you.  We are ready and eager to get married, so we're doing it as soon as we can.

    Good luck!!
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  • I am student teaching this Fall as well and will graduate in May.  We are getting married in September of 2011.  We got a lot of the same things out of the way as you do and so I am a little less worried than I was.  As others have said...there will always be something to stress you out whether it is school or not! Good luck with your decision!
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