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Alright so I know that it is kind of early to be asking this question, but ever since my fiance and I changed our plans it has been bugging me; plus the sooner I know details the better I can plan.

We are planning on eloping spring break of our senior year. We'll be getting our marriage license and hiring an officiant to marry us legally the monday of, and then driving down and spending that break in DC. 

I've been trying to figure out if I can apply for a name change in my university's state even though I'm not from the state, or if I can file and do the whole legal name change via mail/while out of state. 

Either way, my question is whether or not I can get the University to put my 'married' name on my diploma, even if I haven't changed my name legally yet? 

 I know it might seem a little silly to want them to do that, but I've been with/will have been with my fiance all through college and I don't feel like my maiden name is really a part of me anymore. I feel more like his last name is a part of me, and it will have been for all of college; so to me it only makes sense if my diploma has that name on it. 

So does anybody have experience/advice/help with this? 
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Re: Name Change on Diploma

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    Just check with your University's registrar (or whoever else handles diploma production).  They should be able to tell you your options.

    ETA: Some schools will also issue you a new diploma for a small fee if you change your name; that might also be an option.
  • I'm about 99% sure that your diploma will have your maiden name on it unless you show legal proof of name change (i.e., marriage license).

  • To change my name, all I had to do was go to the Social Security office with my marriage license and fill out a form. My new social security card was mailed to me within a few weeks. There is absolutely no reason you would need to do that in your "home" state. Once you've done that, the school should be more than willing to put your married name on your diploma. 

    Now this obviously isn't going to take care of changing your name on everything else (DL, credit cards etc), but it's a start.
  • I agree with calli - ask at the Registrar's Office. 
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  • Thanks ladies, I guess I'll just figure out who handles diploma's and see if they'll work with me. I didn't know that some schools would issue another one, I'll see if maybe mine does that too :)
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  • What I have heard, is you cant get them to change it without proof of new name, so if your thinking of trying to do that before the wedding, It wont happen unless you change your name before the wedding. If theres enough time after the wedding and grad it shouldnt be a problem for the school to change it with proof of legal name change.

    I finish school before the wedding by officially grad isnt untill after...they have told me I have to just get the diploma in my maiden name since I wont have documentation untill after school ends (even though its still 2-3 weeks before grad). I do plan on going back to school to upgrade soon though at the same collage, so that when I transfer to finish my BSW the transcripts from this program will be in my new name because they will be updated when I re-registrar in the summer.

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  • I know with both the college and university I attend I can order a replacement diploma and specify if I want it to say something different. Costs around 10 each.
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