First official Panic Attack

So my FI and I have been engaged for 4 months and will be getting married at the end of July. I have been finishing nursing school and planning a wedding pretty much single-handedly and felt it was pretty doable...until today. 
I woke up from a dream that it was the day before the wedding and nothing was done, and realized NOTHING IS DONE! 
Ok not nothing, but holy crap I have a lot to do. I live in Wisconsin, but go to school in Chicago, so I have been home for a few weeks, but I have to go back to Chicago tomorrow for graduation and then I'm staying a full week for a review class for the nurse licensure exam. I feel like a full week off of wedding planning is going to put me SO far behind! We still have to send out the invites (which I can work on next week in Chicago), and get tuxes, and finalize the reception plans, and book a cake baker and photographer, and get our engagement pictures taken, and and and...and all of these things should have been done last month! 
AHH!! Ok i'm done freaking out now. Back to work. Thanks for letting me vent

Re: First official Panic Attack

  • Its ooooooooooooooooooooooook. I have been having those moments a lot lately. 1) use the check off list on TK website BUT 2) don't let it rule your life. If you haven't taken E-pics yet, but you have a date set, or a date set to talk to your photographer, tell your self not to focus on that certain to do. Set some time aside every day to work on wedding stuff - even just 15 min if its all you can afford. You'll get it! :)
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